How to have best Thanksgiving Day ever | Bonus Podcast Episode

Surprise! Bonus episode on how to have a happy Thanksgiving!

Special thanks to Graham Smith and Kirsten Dunlap of the Welcome Home podcast, and Desirae Endres of Minimal-ish, for sharing in this edition of We Turned Out Okay
We are connecting our shows, each of us with a “Best Thanksgiving Day Ever” in a pod hop, similar to the blog hops of old!

This is Desirae of the Minimal-ish Podcast : )






Here are Graham and Kirsten of the Welcome Home Podcast : )

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To have your best Thanksgiving day ever, you must deliberately focus in – choose – what you want more of.

How do you have a happy Thanksgiving? It’ll depend on your focus.

Today I share 4 ways I’m thinking about, 4 things I’m choosing. Maybe you’ll want to focus on them too!

Links to the Welcome Home and Minimal-ish versions of how to have the best Thanksgiving Day ever, as well as all the links I talk about today, are available at: !

What I’m focusing on to have my Best Thanksgiving Ever:

1. Kindness

2. Feeling healthy, which in my case means focusing on saying “no thank you” to dishes on the table I don’t want.
This frees me up to say “yes please” to the dishes I do want.

3. Play

4. Connection

Key Links:

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and for listening.
Happy Thanksgiving!