340: Navigating “Modern manners for Moms and Dads” with Evie Granville and Sarah Davis

Navigating social situations has only gotten worse in the pandemic – but it sure wasn’t always easy, even before!
Today’s guests, Evie Granville and Sarah Davis of the Modern Manners for Moms and Dads Podcast, have spent years helping parents navigate social minefields. With a book coming out in the fall and an awesome quiz that you can take right now (I did!), These two friends, educators, and parents have lots to contribute in helping us get along and raise our kids in these crazy times.
Listen to this episode to learn:
– how to navigate the toughest situations you might encounter
– how to understand your own approach to parenting
– how to shift that approach, if it’s not working as well as it could for you and your family

A few announcements
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Announcing the FREE Pandemic Back-To-School Challenge!

If the return to preschool/childcare/school is on your mind – and I know it is, because I’ve spoken with lots of you over the last few weeks – this FREE Pandemic Back-to-School Challenge will help you:

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The real reasons to be kind instead of judgemental

This is the latest in my summer-long series, taking you on my journey of recovering from overwhelm and burnout and learning ways to sustainably keep going. Click here for the first installment, “Feeling guilty,” and click here for last week’s’s installment, “I didn’t think it was going to work, but it did.”

I want to talk about judgment this week, and its antidote, kindness.

Maybe at first glance it’s hard to recognize the juxtaposition of these two ideas, or even in recognizing it, to understand how one contradicts the other.

Listening to this week’s podcast episode, my conversation with wonderful therapist Shannon Connery, PhD, helped to crystallize this idea for me, because Shannon uses herself as an example, telling her story of casting judgment on someone in the grocery store, the mom of a small baby who wasn’t wearing a mask.

As she and this mom moved through the grocery store, Shannon felt judgmental about the mom’s choice to not wear a mask.


Shannon thought about all of the reasons why the mom should wear a mask, and made unkind conclusions about the fact that she wasn’t wearing one.

Then an elderly couple came toward them.

The mom whipped out her mask, and put it on at the last possible moment before encountering this couple, and suddenly Shannon understood:

The baby became super upset, screaming, and gesturing and reaching for that mask.

And the mom started to cry. Continue reading “The real reasons to be kind instead of judgemental”

339: How to keep going in this pandemic with Shannon Connery, PhD

I am excited to bring Shannon Connery, PhD, onto the show today, because she’s got lots of great ideas to help you keep going! (Click here for Shannon’s website, where you’ll find her podcast, her blog, and a wonderful free guide that she offers to help people overcome the challenges that we all have in our lives : )
Shannon is a therapist living in Colorado, and in our conversation today you’ll hear her story of losing nearly everything – and coming back stronger from that experience.
Shannon is also a podcaster, and her Fix Yourself is one of my favorites – she helps us all know what to do when we encounter difficult events and struggles in our lives. Shannon shares so much about herself, and her feelings, and what she’s tried that works to keep going and to help her family members and patients thrive.

Today we talk about:
– The role of empathy and positivity in helping you keep going
– Steps we are taking (and that you can also take) to dismantle racism
– What Shannon is doing to help those that she works with through the pandemic

Join us!

Video of our conversations – as well as lots of key links from this conversation – are available at weturnedoutokay.com/339

A couple notes from the preshow segment:
– Registration is now open for the private coaching practice for parents that I run (the Ninja Parenting Community), so you can join now if you need the extra help from a child development expert, and the support of a wonderful online community!

– All throughout July I’m offering free live trainings, and even a free challenge! Get notified of these at the following link:

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I didn’t think it was going to work, but it did

Hello! This is the latest in my summer-long series, taking you on my journey of recovering from overwhelm and burnout and learning ways to sustainably keep going. Click here for the first installment, “Feeling guilty.”

First of all, how are you today?
I hope you are hanging in there!
I’m still having good success with the subject of last week’s newsletter, feeling better now that I’m not “obsessively checking” the Internet.
I even noticed that my tendon disorder is better – my arms and hands bother me less – when I am not scrolling, pinching, tapping, or swiping.
(Click here to read last week’s newsletter, “The first thing that’s helping me overcome burnout and overwhelm”)

However, I do have a sore knee.
This started with a strengthening workout – my first in about three weeks. I should have remembered that I can’t jump in at full strength, after not working out for three weeks. But I didn’t remember.

I was midway into a hamstring exercise, when suddenly my knee was screaming. Continue reading “I didn’t think it was going to work, but it did”

338: When they don’t want to wear clothes; square one with sharing; talking about death with kids; when they push each other’s buttons just for fun – it’s a Q&A today!

My brothers and I : )

Today we’re answering your GREAT questions!
– “[My young daughter] is going through a phase of not wanting clothes on. Do I just not battle it? What’s appropriate at 4? How do I instill the importance of being careful without taking away her sweet innocence? Or am I totally overthinking this?”

– “This week’s hot topic is sharing and temper around that. The minute [my three-year-old’s] little brother walks in the room (even if he hasn’t messed with her stuff yet) she goes right to screaming at him and throwing stuff… I’m struggling with getting her to react in a bit calmer way.
“Understandably, she is having a lot of trouble letting other kids play with any of her toys. I get it, we haven’t had to share in a long time. I’m just wondering if there are some good strategies or advice for starting back at square one was sharing, and also talking nicely to others even when angry.”

– “My four-year-old was playing with her toys saying “this one is dead, it’s in the dead place” (inside the toy garage) then when I needed a shower “Mummy you need to go to the shower and be dead”… How can I talk about death at an appropriate level for children?”

– “They don’t stop fighting with each other – they push each other’s buttons just for “the fun of it.”

(I said they were great questions : )

If You’re Struggling to Keep Going
During this summer I’m using my newsletter to share about my own journey, trying to find peace and stop feeling so guilty while working, running our household, and keeping going sustainably.
Last week I shared about my first step (stopping “obsessively checking” on the Internet, and (as I share in this episode) it’s going well!
But I know I’ve got a long way to go… If you want to come along on this journey with me, I’m sharing about it in my newsletters. Click the link below to get them automagically delivered to your inbox!
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Tons of links today!
You’ll find them just below : ) Continue reading “338: When they don’t want to wear clothes; square one with sharing; talking about death with kids; when they push each other’s buttons just for fun – it’s a Q&A today!”

The first thing that’s helping me overcome burnout and overwhelm

This is the latest in my summer-long series, taking you on my journey of recovering from overwhelm and burnout and learning ways to sustainably keep going. Click here for the first installment, “Feeling guilty.”

Hi Friends,

I’m still shocked and amazed by how much better I’m feeling, after a weekend of doing just one simple thing!
Well, simple to conceive… But not easy to implement.

If you remember, last week I sent a newsletter sharing that I was feeling incredibly guilty, overwhelmed, and burned out.

The first thing I did to address it:
I dropped off the Internet.

Not completely – but almost.

What that mostly meant was I didn’t “obsessively check.”

(I decided to leave off what I’ve been obsessively checking… because, while I obsessively checked some things, yours may be different. But the point is we are all obsessively checking something. What helped was cutting that out!)

I can’t tell you how much better I felt, not obsessively checking. Continue reading “The first thing that’s helping me overcome burnout and overwhelm”

337: Addressing our own burnout, AND beloved parenting author Audrey Monke is my guest today!

As a child development expert, I want to help you keep going in our new reality!
This conversation, recorded during March 2020 (in other words at the very beginning of the pandemic here in the US), I know will be super helpful for that.

I am excited to bring you my conversation with the author of one of my favorite parenting books (it’s called Happy Campers) – Audrey Monke of sunshine-parenting.com is today’s OkayCon 2020 guest!

Audrey shares:
– How to stay positive, even while everyone is cooped up together
– Some great family-focused activities you can do to make your stuck at home time more enjoyable
– What lessons Audrey, her family, and counselors and campers (who attend the summer camp Audrey owns and runs) are learning from this time

Learn how to keep going:
In my (free) Weekly Parenting Newsletters I am taking you on my journey of recovering from burnout, exhaustion, and huge feelings of guilt.
I am working to feel at peace with myself – to keep going, raising my kids, keeping our household running, and feeling happy inside – and if you want some tools to help you accomplish those miracles, click this link! Weturnedoutokay.com/weekly

NPC Summer Camp registration ENDS Wednesday 7/1
One way parents have been feeling way better, recovering from exhaustion, handling their kids’ fears, clinginess, and potty training issues: the Ninja Parenting Community.
Get access to everything in the community and enjoy a summer camp program created just for you, if you are looking for connection and positivity in our new reality!
I am closing registration to NPC on Wednesday, July 1 at 9 PM EST – enroll today, and take that first step toward being able to feel at peace with yourself and (sustainably) keep going!
Here is the link, jump in while there is still time:

(go to weturnedoutokay.com/337 for notes to this episode)
We will get through this together!
Cheers –
Continue reading “337: Addressing our own burnout, AND beloved parenting author Audrey Monke is my guest today!”

Feeling guilty

In a (pre-pandemic) live storytelling event, I looked and felt in my element. There was no guilt or imposter syndrome that day! In this post I outline how I plan to get back my mojo, and I share how I’m taking you along on this journey with me. (Photo by Jennifer Provost)

Hi Friends,

Just a quick note today, wishing you well and sharing a discovery I’ve made about myself:

I’m feeling guilty.

Guilty that I haven’t been as good a parent as I wanted to be in the pandemic.

Guilty for not doing enough to address systemic racism and other injustices.

Guilty that I dove into our emergency chocolate, and finished it all within a few days.

Guilty that, no matter how much I do, it doesn’t feel like enough.

Guilty for thinking “I don’t want to deal with this now” when someone in my family needs me for something.

Guilty for only doing my strength training once, in the last whole month.

And the list goes on.

It’s only just dawned on me that all this guilt comes from a couple places: Continue reading “Feeling guilty”

NPC Summer Camp FAQs – Registration closes Thursday 7/2!

I am excited, I’ve spent the morning planning NPC Summer Camp!

For six weeks starting this coming Friday 6/26, I’m offering this program, and I would love for you to be part of it! (Registration closes Thursday 7/2 : )

I’ve decided the theme is going to be “Cool to be Kind”… NPC Summer Camp will have a kindness component. Some weeks we will go on “kindness adventures,” as Audrey Monke talks about in her book Happy Campers, where we’ll practice random acts of kindness, and involve our kiddos.

And our campfire nights will focus on handling unkindness in our own families, and bringing more kindness into the world.

I think this is really what we need at the moment, both to help in the wider world and to enjoy our time at home with our young ones.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Ninja Parenting Community and the Summer Camp program. I hope you’ll consider joining!

FAQs about the Ninja Parenting Community, and NPC Summer Camp:

1. How will this program and community help me?

Many parents – especially parents of young children – are experiencing never-before-seen challenges during the pandemic.
If you are exhausted, feel like you can’t go on, are engaging in numbing behaviors to get through the day, feel like all of your patience is gone, you’re certainly not alone!

NPC, and Summer Camp, are designed to exactly help someone in these situations.

In our forums you’ll find:
– An entire course on “how to keep going when you’re exhausted”
– A supportive and loving community, where members feel “seen and heard”
– A whole summer’s worth of fun and helpful activities, specifically designed to help you thrive (because that’s the only way you’ll be able to help your kiddos thrive)
– Lots of ways for you to live IN these tough times, so that you can live through them

2. Is it just for parents of little kids?

We’ve got members with kids ranging in age from babies, all the way on up to age 12.
So much of raising kids is the mindset that we parents bring to it. You’re the same person, whether your child is a toddler or a tween.
Our children challenge us at every age; NPC can help regardless of how old your child is.

3. I’m a technophobe… What if I can’t login? Or navigate around once I’m in the Forums?

I am there to help every step of the way! (And I am a technophobe as well… So I know exactly where you’re coming from : )
NPC works great on your home computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
And I’ve just gone through a redesign of the forums, so there even simpler to navigate and find what you’re looking for quickly.

4. What if I can’t be at the community’s live events?

It’s great fun when you can, but not a problem if you can’t!
Many people never make it to our twice monthly live members only calls, and they are thriving in the community.
All the courses and challenges are recorded and waiting for you in the Forums; when members ask a question in the Forums, responses are in NPC permanently, always available for you to get help from.

Also, I specifically planned NPC Summer Camp without any live components, so that you can enjoy participating regardless of your time zone or schedule.

NPC is fun, it’s supportive, it’s a way to connect with other parents and enjoy community…
All while becoming a better and happier parent.

Join now so that you can live IN this crazy summer… Click here to register for NPC and our Summer Camp program!


PS Click the link below for details and to join:


Hope to see you at NPC Summer Camp!