Bonus: A New Way to Survive the Social Stuff

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It’s agonizing to watch your child go through the social stuff of life.

You know what I’m talking about:
When you spend your days stopping angry sibling fights, as if you were a boxing referee.
When one of them gets made fun of at school – or worse, bullied.
When they get broken up with by a friend.
When they have a crush on a fellow eight-year-old and say to you “who could love a face like this?”

If your heart breaks or you feel shellshocked when something like this happens, you are not alone.

I’m offering a new approach that gives you the power to support your child, set aside your inner demons, and be happier in your parenting.
It’s a new 6-week mastercourse, and it changes everything:

How to Help Your Child Navigate the Choppy Social Waters of Life Without Losing Your Mind or Getting Pulled Under Yourself
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The course starts this coming Tuesday, November 7…
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You’ll learn:
– How to help your child navigate the social landscape
– Strategies for helping your child stand up to a bully, deal with sibling rivalry, and gain social confidence and competence
– Why your agony and heartbreak over your child’s struggles may be hurting him or her socially
– How to feel better within yourself while helping your child feel better

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