BONUS: Parenting Your Young Child in this Mixed-Up, Crazy World – FREE Online Class I’m Teaching Tonight! Plus: My Winning “Fearless” Story

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Here are the top 2 reasons to listen to today’s episode:

1) With all the fear in the air right now, you might benefit from a story about becoming fearless – so, here it is!

I told this hilarious and inspiring story last week, about becoming fearless while sitting in front of my mom’s sewing machine as a young woman, and it took second place in the Massmouth Story Slam competition! I’m semifinals bound, and super excited : )

(My 4 1/2-minute story is, shall we say, not expletive-free… Grab some headphones or listen away from your kids. I hope you enjoy it!)

2) Speaking of fear, according to this article last week at, 55% of voters were “disgusted” with the campaign… back in September.
I’m betting that that number has gone up a bit as this election has changed from PG to R-rated.

And if we are that freaked out – how are our kids?

When our fear and upset level goes up, so does theirs.

You can make both you and your kids feel better by coming to my FREE online class tonight:

How to Parent Young Children in this Mixed-up, Crazy World

I’ll teach you how to:
– Coach your kids through the election insanity
– Help them feel less anxious
– Lessen your own anxiety

You can make “Everybody Sucks 2016” a little better for yourself and your kids –

Go to and sign up for tonight’s class!

I can help you help your kids through the election craziness, tonight at 7 PM Eastern standard Time.

See you in class!