Bonus: when kids want one spouse and not the other; and handling excessively dramatic children

Each week I send out a “what’s on the podcast this week” email to people who signed up for a free guide or a free online class – and this week, I screwed up royally about an episode of We Turned Out Okay!

I wrote the email update for this past week well before I recorded the episode that went up this past Thursday, and as a result what I said would be this week’s Your Child Explained episode wasn’t.

If you received the email and you were scratching your head about it, I’m so sorry!

I recorded this bonus episode to make it up to you…

In it, I answer two issues, both brought up by a member of the Ninja Parenting Community (it had been a pretty rough couple of weeks for this member, making me so glad she had us to turn to):

1) “Part of the challenge I’m having is with exaggerated statements like “writing kills me” or “you always make me do this.”

2) “Later there was a meltdown about wanting Daddy, instead of Mommy.”

I address both issues in this bonus episode, I hope it’s helpful!

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