Educating Happy Kids – Teach Your Kids What They Need to Know

Are you doing everything in your power to give your kids a great education, to help them learn what they’ll need to know?

This book will help you understand what a great education entails, and how to achieve it. With sections on:

  • Handling boredom and teaching social skills
  • Putting your child’s developmental stage to work in their education
  • Which educational factors need you need to worry about… and which you emphatically do not

Educating Happy Kids: 9 Ways to Help Your Children Learn What They Need to Know helps you every step of the way.

This is the latest in my Your Child Explained series, books that help you understand why your kids do what they do – and how to turn that knowledge to your advantage.

And Educating Happy Kids is exclusively available here!
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Parent Ninja Tactics to Make Your Life Better

If you’re reading this, you are most likely right in one of the toughest parts of parenting: raising young children.

  • Are you just about done with the whining and the crying?
  • Do you feel like melting down right alongside your young child?
  • Do you wonder where you’re going to get the energy to do it all again tomorrow?



I’m Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed., an expert in child development.
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As a podcast host, author, and parent coach I work really hard to facilitate happy families!

I wrote a whole e-book to help you with the struggles listed above, and more.

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If you’re struggling with overwhelm, or the crazy things kids do that you just don’t understand, or even if you just need some help remembering the right tactics to help you be happier in your parenting, I recommend downloading and reading this e-book.

What Parents Say:

“Practical advice and easy-to-implement strategies.”
– Janine Halloran, Play Specialist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“I really enjoyed this quick, clear and caring parenting book.… Lots of tricks and techniques you can start using right away.”
– Reader Heidi de los Andes, in her 5-Star Amazon review

“Karen’s mix of personal stories and great hacks – things to do in the toughest moments with little kids – make this book so useful and entertaining. Highly recommended!”
– Geoff Woods, entrepreneur and host of The Mentee Podcast

Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics gave me the confidence to try a different way of disciplining my children.… it has been a book that I return to often. The way I use the techniques changes as my kids grow, but the principles in this book make that adjustment easier.”
– Jen, Mom of 2

I know your struggle. 

I’ve been there! And I wrote this book because it’s the book I wish I could have had when my kids were young.

Read Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics to learn:

  • How to handle every temper tantrum
  • Key building blocks for happy parenting
  • Ninja tactics that really help in those toughest moments of raising young children

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Learn the 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know

Get 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know here in print, and here in e-book format!

Often parents feel so lost. We want to say and do the right things in the moment to connect with our child, but sometimes we can’t even get them to just listen, and respect us.

I wrote 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know to help you do three things:

  • Control the Chaos
  • Bring out the good behavior in your young child
  • Truly enjoy family time

10 Secrets Happy Parents Know shares what I’ve learned over many years working with parents of young children.

I wrote the book because, while I can’t work closely with every single parent, the hope and encouragement this book offers can make such a difference in lots of parents’ lives, and ultimately in the lives of their children.

Praise for 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know

“If your house is chaos, if you’ve lost control, if the lunatics (aka toddlers) are in charge of the asylum, this is the book that will grant you the permission and the tools to take your family life back – and then help you enjoy it.”

– KJ Dell’Antonia, author of How to Be a Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life and Loving (Almost) Every Minute


Give yourself a parenting booster shot by reading Karen Lock Kolp’s 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know.
– Audrey Monke, Summer camp director, podcaster (Sunshine Parenting), and author of Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults


A practical and easy-to-digest guide that sets the groundwork for the kind of family life you want.
– Janine Halloran, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and creator of the award-winning Coping Cue Cards Relaxation Deck

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