How do young children learn? | Podcast Episode 292

“Learning” can mean different things to different people:
– Getting good grades
– Passing a test
– Reading, writing, coding, mathematics, etc.

But how do we get to the point where we know, and can demonstrate, our knowledge?
It all starts in early childhood.
Today we dive into how young children learn best.

Plus in Parenting News: As parents, we can’t be all serious and big-business. Without some downtime, we can’t keep going, in child-rearing, in outside-of-the-home jobs, or within ourselves.
I have been going through some pretty major burnout, and today in Parenting News, I share about a resource that has been making me feel way better: The Adventure Zone, in both podcast and graphic novel form. If this completely awesome, totally-not-for-kids sci-fi-fantasy thing is not for you, that is absolutely fine! But take this moment to find something that does get you the downtime enjoyment that you need.

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Go to for a cheat sheet on the 3 ways kids learn best, key links from this episode, free guides (on potty training, picky eating, and how to handle every temper tantrum), and lots more resources!

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Today’s episode is sponsored by the amazing Janine Halloran, expert in teaching kids coping skills, and an incredible resource she has created to help your child handle even the biggest feelings!
Click to check out Janine’s Coping Skills for Kids Cue Card Decks.

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Your (supremely important) role in your child’s (formal) education | Podcast Episode 289

In this week’s episode of We Turned Out Okay, we examine a parent’s role in a child’s education!

Lots of parents have no idea how to help their kiddos in learning how to read, write, do math, or code.
But these are the essential skills of the future.

How do we help our kids, when they’re young, get ready for all that learning?

Find out by listening to this episode of We Turned Out Okay!

Plus in Parenting News:  A really fascinating episode of Experiential Wisdom, all about lifelong learning and why it matters now, more than ever.

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Go to for lots of key links mentioned in today’s episode, for free guides (on potty training, picky eating, and how to handle every temper tantrum), and lots more resources!

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What does – and doesn’t – matter in a child’s learning | Podcast Episode 286

What are the factors that matter – like, REALLY matter, over the long haul – versus those that don’t, in your child’s education?

(Quick heads-up: starting this coming Monday, July 15 I’m offering a program to help you do less for your child, and feel good about it! It’s called “21 Days to Independence for your child… and for you.”
In these 3 weeks we will cover: how to not be your child’s personal entertainer; how to stop hovering, for your benefit AND theirs; how to help them resolve conflicts, and more! The program takes place right in your inbox, so it’s super convenient as well as helpful.
Because I’m working closely with each participant, space is limited, and spots are filling up! Click to learn more and register.)

I’m sure you’ll agree that getting a kid’s education right is critical.

It’s not just critical while they’re small. Screwing up a kid’s education can impact their whole lives.

And yet, it happens every day, when even well-intentioned and goodhearted people focus on the wrong stuff.

Because you listen to this show, I know that you are well-intentioned and goodhearted. So I’m helping you focus on the right stuff today.

Find out what really matters in your child’s education in this episode of We Turned Out Okay!

Plus in Parenting News: In this recent Education Week article, the idea of “growth mindset versus fixed mindset” is re-examined… We investigate in this week’s Parenting News segment.

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Go to for:

  • A cheat sheet on what’s crucial to include in your child’s education
  • What does not matter.. what you can (and should) leave out of your young child’s education
  • Links to free guides on potty training, handling every temper tantrum, and more

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The show is sponsored this week by Julian Coffee, a unique and amazing coffee that comes from a family farm in Puerto Rico and that will help you start your day off right! Listen to today’s episode for the code that will get you 10% off when you go to or Julian Coffee’s page in Amazon.

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Human development for grown-ups | Podcast Episode 283

Here’s something that you may not have thought of: developmental stages aren’t just for kids.
Each of us grown-ups is still working on stuff developmentally.

Today we talk about the adult stages of development – a concept that really matters!

It matters in relation to our young children.
But most of all it matters to us, inside ourselves.

Plus in Parenting News: Friend-of-the-podcast Devorah Heitner, who always makes me feel better about life in our digital age, recently wrote a beautiful essay for the Washington Post. It’s about how, had her mom been alive today, the learning disabilities she lived with may not have been a problem.

Join us!

Go to for:

  • A cheat sheet on the later (i.e., adult) stages of human development
  • Key links we talk about in this episode 
  • The video of the week: “What really matters in a grown up’s development?”

And thank you so much for listening!

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And You Were So Scared

Happy Wednesday!

Training update:
I am two thirds of the way through revising Educating Happy Kids, the book I plan to have out to you by mid August! I hope to hit my first milestone, getting the book to my editor on June 1, and I am on target to do it!

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Or just hit reply to this email if you want to cheer me on.

And thank you SO much, if you have already cheered me on… Seriously, it helps me keep going when you do that.

Parenting Community Open House:

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 30, I am throwing open the doors to the Ninja Parenting Community! Find out more, and sign up, at the end of this letter : )


For me, spring is always a time of anxiety.

– It seems like, as the days lengthen, drivers are more inclined to be impatient, and unsafe.

– Skiing is done for the winter, it feels so long before I can get back out and take part in my favorite sport.

– I look out at the yard, and there’s so much to do.

– Summer is coming, how will we keep the kids amused while they are not school?

Each spring, when I am at my most anxious, I remember a wonderful book.

It’s called The Monster at the End of This Book, Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover​​​​​​, and you can find it in Amazon here. (And also probably in your local library, which is where we always use to get it.)​ Continue reading “And You Were So Scared”