What do you wish you knew when you were 22?

A young friend of mine recently graduated from college.

The family of the graduate has invited us all to sign a lovely book for her.

The question we’ve been asked to answer in the book is:
What do you wish you knew, when you were 22?

I’ve been thinking, and thinking… and finally I got an idea:

I’ll share not just my ideas – but invite yours as well!

(All you have to do is reply here , and let me know what you wish you knew when you were 22. I’ll copy and paste and print our collective wisdom for my friend : )

What do I wish I knew when I was 22?

I wish I knew that we could look for loopholes.

I used to take it as law, when an authority figure said “no.”
But now, I realize that’s not true!
A no can always become a yes. It depends on how much I’m willing to push for my yes.

For me, it’s also depended on the kind of support I get.
One example is from about a decade ago, when I first developed the tendon disorder that I still live with, and lost the ability to walk. Continue reading “What do you wish you knew when you were 22?”

Then, friends, it’s a movement

This picture was taken on the day that my children learned that sometimes, there IS “a part of the wedding where they do karate”

In recent weeks I’ve had something of an epiphany, realizing that everything I’m about – seriously, everything – comes down to the value of play.

This epiphany came about at the same time as I realized: I am growing, and changing.

You may not know this about me, but I’m so much more than a parent coach.

Yes, I teach important concepts for parents, like how to handle every temper tantrum (click here for the video to do this – and here for the five step checklist that comes along with the video).
Just last night in my 2021 Year of Empowerment program, I coached a parent on how to handle backtalk from her five-year-old.

These two ideas – that everything I’m about comes down to play, and that I am growing and changing – have collided for me in the form of the creation of a movement.

A movement is a vision of change for the world.
A vision for the future.

My vision is of:
– A kind world, where creativity is encouraged.
– Where every person has meaningful choices about how they spend their time.
– Where every person feels validated, believed in.
– Where rather than pushing down our emotions or our problems, we work together to lift each other up and solve our problems.

The vehicle for this movement? Play. Play, play, play play play.

The title of this email comes from a song.  Continue reading “Then, friends, it’s a movement”

Sharing a wonderful gift recently given to me

Greetings! I am Karen Lock Kolp, Human Development Expert and Executive/Leadership/Play Coach.
I’m glad you are here!

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Thank you for making me a part of your journey!

Okay, here is today’s letter:

Happy Tuesday! (Yes, for anyone keeping track it’s a bit early this week – next week will be back to our usual “newsletter-on-Thursday” schedule : )

Going deep and getting vulnerable again this week, with an essay from the subscription-only resource I write and publish each month that teaches simple, powerful tools…

It’s called the We Turned Out Okay Playbook. June’s issue is all about intuition.

I begin each issue with an essay, and as June’s issue is all about intuition, I wanted to share something extra special in the essay.
Because for me, getting better at recognizing my intuition has been one of the cornerstones of wellness and happiness in my adult life.
So I want to share this with you.

I feel vulnerable because, in all honesty, this is a bit of a weird one.
I am about to share an outstanding exercise that I learned during a recent Coaching Intensive that I attended.
As you will read, the exercise invites us to listen to different parts of our bodies, and it can feel extremely peculiar!
But it’s one of the best exercises I’ve ever done for tuning into intuition, reducing anxiety, and feeling better.
For feeling good.

So without further ado, I am excited to bring you this essay!
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Courage to the lion

Happy Thursday!
Settle in for a longer-than-usual newsletter. Part story, part analysis.
All from the heart.
I am feeling extremely vulnerable in this moment, sharing out this newsletter… All hugs are appreciated <3

Okay, deep breath.…

I have always been afraid. Ever since I can remember anyway.

For me, the fear started when I was sexually abused as a seven-year-old. That completely changed my worldview.

I had been, I am told, a pretty happy-go-lucky kid prior to that.

But my memory is of anxiety, worry, and a fear of being lost.
If we went outside of my ken while driving in the car, I would fearfully ask my mom “are we lost?”
She always told me “nope, we are on an adventure!”

But the anxiety was still there. I always wished I’d never have to leave home once we returned.

When I was about eight years old, I got separated from my mom and brothers at the grocery store.

I concluded that they had left me there… So I started walking home.
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