Can a child have too little screen time? (Plus a coronavirus update)

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My son and I are home from Colorado, self quarantined for two weeks (as is anyone who has spent time in Colorado high country), and making the best of it… Tonight we plan to watch some of the original Star Wars trilogy together, I’ve been baking sourdough bread with decent results, and I’ve been working on how to help you and your family stay sane during this time…
Yesterday I made the third in a video series, updates I’m doing during the coronavirus pandemic, and you can click here to watch it. (I highly recommend doing so, as I share the link to my new favorite website for when you’re sick of washing your hands to “Happy Birthday” : )

I wrote today’s newsletter a few weeks ago, trying to batch some content for you before my son and I went away; and I’m bringing it to you now in hopes that it will help you view screen time a little differently, especially as we are all being pounded with requests from our kids to watch lots and lots of screen time.

I plan to keep doing the coronavirus updates, and I’ll send them to you as they become available.

Ninja parents, a.k.a. NPC members, click here for the forum I just created – and am already filling up – called Coronavirus Resources.

And finally I am thinking of you, dear reader, sending you hugs and positive thoughts as we head into this brave new world <3


FYI: this is the second in our series about kids and technology. Click here for the first, establishing some guidelines about kids and technology, and stay tuned for the third, investigating whether technology can cause behavior problems. That’ll be out next week 🙂

When I interviewed Matt Miles and Joe Clement, high school teachers and authors of the excellent book Screen Schooled, a mom in our Facebook group asked:

“Will our children fall behind if they are not introduced to much technology at young ages?”

Like me, I’m sure Matt and Joe could just hear the fear in this question.

What if my kid falls behind, because they weren’t introduced to the right technology when they were young?

Here are Matt and Joe’s answers: Continue reading “Can a child have too little screen time? (Plus a coronavirus update)”

322 Coronavirus anxiety, and How to regulate screen time (new ninja tactic!)

So, I say I’m going to drop an F bomb in the beginning segment of this episode, but we decided to edit it out, so no worries about earmuffs 🙂

Re coronavirus: I had an anxiety attack this morning, before I was even fully awake. To help you in case you are experiencing heightened anxiety right now as well, I start off today’s show with audio from a video series I’m doing on how to feel better during this time of fear, worry, and coronavirus threats.

The video has its own post, with a cheat sheet of the ways I’m finding to alleviate the anxieties, available at

Go to to get these videos automagically delivered right into your inbox. We will get through this together 💕

Re the new ninja tactic:

I am SO excited to share this with you, a new ninja tactic that is absolutely great for regulating screen time!
Do you struggle with getting your kids to stop watching TV, or the tablet, or stop using your (or their) phone?
This is the show for you. I lay out exactly what words to say, to make this work – to get your kids to listen to you and actually control the screen time!
Join us : )

Here is the link to this post

Links that come up in this episode:, where you can sign up for the newsletters I send out each week! They are extremely useful, like this one about what to do when your child is disrespectful, and plus I love corresponding with you!

The original post by our NPC member, who first brought this ninja tactic to my attention, the place our NPC member first learned of this tactic

– Bonnie and Thomas’s video, outlining the tactic

Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, my first book, which contains lots more tools you can use in the stressful moments of parenting to get your kids to do what you want them to do : ), where you can become a member of the Ninja Parenting Community (just as this member did) and learn to overcome the challenges that are stopping you from truly enjoy family time

Today’s episode is sponsored by the amazing Janine Halloran, expert in teaching kids coping skills, who has created a great resource to help your child handle it when the going gets tough!
Listen to today’s show to find out how to get 15% off your order, and then
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Good guidelines regarding kids and technology

Happy Wednesday!

FYI: This is the first in our series about kids and technology, and what is working to help parents get control of kids’ screen time. Stay tuned for more on this topic! (Or better yet sign up here to receive these newsletters in your inbox if you don’t already : )
What constitutes good guidelines, when thinking about kids and technology?

Can too much screen time hurt a child?
Can too little?
These are the kind of questions we’re going to explore over these next few weeks.

Starting with that top one: what are some good guidelines to have around screen time and your child?

We’re doing a deep dive this month on kids and technology, so I feel qualified to answer this question : )

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Continue reading “Good guidelines regarding kids and technology”