Anxiety, sickness in the time of coronavirus, and my family: update one

In this video I share what’s going on in my family (as one of my sons and I travel, and he gets sick), my own fears about and anxieties around coronavirus and all of the economic and social havoc it’s wreaking – and most importantly what steps I’m taking to address those fears.

I am sharing because I hope the steps I’m taking will be helpful for you too!


This one takes you to the video and podcast episode I did recently on “14 things you can do to address coronavirus with your family”:

And this one takes you to kids and media specialist Devorah Heitner‘s article on how to survive with kids home from school for an extended period of time:


I plan to be back in here with another update for you in a couple days. Hope this helps! And thanks for watching 💕

Cheers, Karen