Getting through tough times together: coronavirus update 2

This morning I had an anxiety attack just as I was waking up. It started with simply hearing the text tone that my phone is set to, for when my husband texts… I’m traveling and had a tremendous wave of fear, anxiety, and homesickness, just hearing my husband’s text (which was not catastrophic at all… It was about the link to a recipe that he wanted to make : )
I made a video for you, and also wrote a cheat sheet of the ways that I am finding to feel better, stay positive, and alleviate anxiety (Click the video link just below, and scroll down just below that video link for the cheat sheet : )

I thought you might also be having more heightened anxiety than usual, and so I hope this is helpful for you!

Cliff Notes for what I am doing to stay positive:

1. I am using a breathing technique called 478, that I originally learned from Dr. Andrew Weil, and that was recently highlighted for me by licensed mental health counselor and beloved guest/podcast sponsor Janine Halloran of I teach that breathing method in this video.

2. Doing something that I talk a lot about in the Ninja Parenting Community: focusing on what is right in front of me rather than envisioning awfulness down the road. I think this was probably the most helpful thing!

3. I’m focusing on being a helper, with my family, within my community, and also focusing on helping my children be helpers… Kids fare far better when we make them part of the team.

4. I’m spending less time on a screen. And trying to make that time not so much about all the latest awful headlines but about fun and funny stuff, videos, Memes, etc.

5 Finally, I share some of the things that my dearest friends are doing to stay positive, even while confined with family.

I hope it’s helpful!

Karen of

PS this is the second in a series I’m doing on how to stay sane in the time of coronavirus – go to to get notified of the next update : )