A Sense of Control: Coronavirus update 3

In today’s video I share how to help our children have a sense of control, and also how to help ourselves have a sense of control, in these crazy times that we are now living in.

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In this video I reference:
Ned Johnson’s amazing article, “Help enhance kids’ sense of control amid coronavirus concerns
The awesome website washyourlyrics.com, where you can set handwashing to any song! No more Happy Birthday! (Unless you love Happy Birthday… But I bet you’re a little tired of it by now : )
The very first podcast episode in this stream, https://weturnedoutokay.com/000, in which myself and my four best friends share about our unplanned adventures. Might make very good listening right now, as we are globally on an unplanned adventure.
Finally I share the March 16 inspirational calendar quote, one that means a lot to me, especially right now:
“Live your life by a compass not a clock”
I hope this video is helpful!

PS I am changing up the programming for We Turned Out Okay, to reflect more of what you need during this coronavirus outbreak. So, what do you need?

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Hugs to you as we go through this time!