Emergency surgery for our son

Hi Friends,
if you could direct some of your positive energy up our way here in Massachusetts, it would be much appreciated.

Our son has been in the hospital since Monday, and in 24 hours between yesterday and today, will have undergone three procedures (only one of which was a surgery, but all of which involve anesthesia and scopes.)

The third will be late this morning. And we are hopeful that it will once and for all solve the problem he is experiencing.

This newsletter was supposed to be about something else entirely, and I hope to bring you that newsletter over the weekend.
But in the meantime please keep us in your thoughts if you would.

Here are some positives from the last few days that I would like to share:– The surgeon, yesterday morning, explaining what would happen, with hand-drawn pictures and – I can’t call it anything else – comedy.
At one point he wandered out into the hall, still speaking with us about the upcoming surgery, and suddenly shouted at the top of his voice “I am down here!!” to his surgical team.
There was so much laughter in his voice, and it was infectious.

– After yesterday’s second procedure, our son felt pretty great from the anesthetic and gave us an adorably passionate and slurred explanation of his favorite things about his favorite subject. Ever heard of drunk history? This was drunk chemistry.
It was so good to see him relaxed and happy and it was very sustaining as his mom to be there with him in that moment.

– The staff at the hospital where he’s been since Monday and will likely be for the next few days.
These people are AMAZING. They are positive, skilled and competent. They know their audience, they take everything in stride.
I do not know how we would’ve gotten through this without them.

– The well wishes of friends (like you : ) and family.
One of my brothers refuses to believe that he’s got teenage nephews, and kept throwing pictures into our text thread of the boys when they were much younger.
Coincidentally yesterday was one of our nephews’ birthdays and, despite the fact that he’s nearly 20, my brother wished him a “happy fourth or fifth birthday or whatever”
It’s just so good to have jokey, positive, silly conversations at a time like this.

Isn’t it interesting, this month’s podcast theme is about how “our beliefs create our reality.”

On the podcast this week (which I recorded before the current situation) we have a parenting-style smack down, which you can listen to by going to https://weturnedoutokay.com/318.

(And in the Ninja Parenting Community I filmed modules for a course on how to handle your clingy child. No notes or links yet, but ninja parents, click the link below to watch the modules:

As we go through this week, it’s tempting to think of it as scary and grueling.
But seeing and feeling the positivity of everyone around us, it’s clear that their beliefs create the reality of a healing place.
Their belief that our son will go on to recover from this completely, and thrive, shines through every action and interaction.

Just the kind of beliefs we need right now.

Thank you so much for reading,
and for your good vibes,