Feeling good about parenting when the going is really tough

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This is the third in a 3-part series on what to do when you feel like you just can’t win as a parent.
Click here for part one, all about getting perspective on your child’s behavior, so you do not feel overwhelmed.
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Recently a mom in my private coaching community posted in our forums: “I feel like I just can’t win.”
In the previous week her child:
– Ran from his childcare classroom multiple times
– Slapped a teacher
– Spit, kicked, and hit multiple people, multiple times, including the mom herself
– Shouted, screamed, and melted down, mostly in public
– Bit a child at the playground

In short, her three-year-old had a tough week. As a result, so did she.

There was real despair in her writing, and my heart just went out to her.

I created a video for her, outlining 3 critical tools to get out of that negative space, despite all of the negativity.

And today I want to discuss that 3rd critical tool:

Finding the Positive, Even – Especially – On the Toughest Days

If you reread the multiple bad things that happened to this mom, in a very short period of time, it’s tempting to dwell on those negatives.
You can bet I have, in my own versions of that day.

But tucked in among those negatives, there were also positives.
In our forums she writes of:
– Snuggling up and reading with her son
– Sharing enjoyable meals and playground visits and trips with him
– The many times when childcare pickup is a pleasant experience
– The big questions her son asks
– The kindness he shows, both to her and others
– Her son’s wonderful hugs
– His generous and joyful nature

When we are in the worst of our children’s bad behavior, it’s tough to see those positives.

But they’re there.

On the toughest days, remembering the positives can be the most valuable thing you do.

What positives are you seeing in your child’s behavior today?
Accentuate the positive by creating a list, even just in your head. Or write to me and share your list (I would love that : )

Want to see this tool, along with the first and second? You can view the video I made for my coaching client by going to:

Parenting Tools


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Wishing you a wonderful parenting week!

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