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    Karen Lock KolpKaren Lock Kolp

    During our live members only call last week, many members expressed frustration with all the list of activities coming at us, but in a somewhat disorganized fashion.

    So I wanted to give you a list, organized by how much time/input required by us parents!

    Here are the 28+ ways to occupy your kiddo, organized by amount of adult input:

    (NPC members: click here for this post in our Coronavirus Resources Forum; the post includes a video tape recording of this episode)

    A few caveats, this will definitely depend on a child’s age. A two-year-old will not be able to be as independent in making yarn dolls, for example, as seven or eight-year-old would be. But hopefully there’s something in here for everyone!

    1. Minimum adult input activities:

    1.Using bingo markers at an activity table
    keeping paper and these special markers in a box, so that the child can pull them out and put them away, is helpful too…
    2. Or, tape up pieces of paper (or a large sheet of newsprint) under the activity table, so the child can lie down and use the markers up on the underside of the table
    3. Creating a plastic ware castle
    4. Using the plastic ware like blocks
    5. Building a box fort
    6. Playing telephone with solo cups and yarn/string
    7. Puppet theater: over the back of the couch or chair
    8. Musical parade
    9. Fans and scarves

    2. Input to make or build, but then playable by children with less adult intervention

    10. soap/water at the sink
    11. creating puppets: from old socks/paper bags (not my favorite for reasons I describe today)..
    12. .. from popsicle sticks…
    13. …or drawing directly onto fingers or hand
    14. maze-making on paper
    15. pillow fort
    16. “painting” car or outside of house with water and foam paintbrushes
    (obviously, this requires being outside with kiddos)
    17. Creating fairy houses

    3. Stuff that requires more adult intervention/help to build, but still playable by children without direct adult intervention

    18. geodesic dome out of newspaper
    19. Create a codebook to exchange messages with your child (here is the Artemis fowl code that I reference in this episode)
    20. building a home out of cardboard for tiny friends, such as action figures
    21. building a home out of cardboard for stuffed friends
    22. making yarn dolls
    23. making a box cut out puppet theater
    24. making a curtain …
    25. or cloth puppet theater

    4. Stuff to do together

    26. Dance party
    27. “blank cards” game (played like Pokémon)
    28. pillow fighting/horseplay (Here is the episode I reference, talking with Dr. Laura Markham of ahaparenting.com, about the importance of horseplay for helping kids deal with and confront their fears: https://weturnedoutokay.com/255)
    29. wheelbarrows and…
    30.… crab walking (both gross motor activities that require your whole body)
    31. cornstarch and water
    32. building a cardboard castle that is kid sized

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