Is my child care provider doing their best for my child?

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    Karen Lock KolpKaren Lock Kolp

    What if you feel like your childcare provider is:
    – Not telling the whole truth?
    – Being passive-aggressive about conflicts they’re having with you, perhaps taking those conflicts out on your child?
    – Causing you stress because you just aren’t sure about any of the above?

    That’s what this module focuses on.

    In the video above, we dive into this topic about 3 minutes in, and intensively discuss it for the next several minutes.

    But it never really goes away. We do keep talking about expectations and how they can make or break our relationship with caregivers and kids (and, in my case, collaborators). So settle in and enjoy this live, members-only call!

    Here’s a cheat sheet on the ways this video relates to the topic of this forum post:

    Really, it all comes down to expectations.

    If we expect that our kids will be treated badly because of adult conflicts that we’re having, it fosters the kind of conditions that bring about that bad treatment that we fear and worry about so much.

    If, on the other hand, we expect that childcare will treat us and our kids in good faith – as we work to do the same with them – that is the best kind of expectation to have.

    Please post questions and thoughts on this topic in the replies below!
    And as always thank you so much for being here… You rock!

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