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    Karen Lock KolpKaren Lock Kolp

    In today’s video I share the importance of zooming out the lens on family relations and understanding the principles that underlie our closest relationships.

    I discuss the importance of a Family “I believe” statement, and how having your most positive and closest-to-your-heart beliefs about your family written down can help you live those values.

    Finally, I share two assignments:

    1) Write your own Family “I believe” statement
    Make it as short, or as long, as you wish; write it for yourself or hit reply to this post and share your belief statement! We are here to support you, whether this comes easily or is a more difficult task. Either way, it is really worth doing.

    2) Choose one word to put on a Post-it note for yourself
    This one word reflects what feeling you want a child, after interacting with you, to come away feeling; my Post-it note says “Caring.” Share about what yours says by just hitting reply to this post!

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    Thank you Karen, for the higher perspective.


    I believe that love never fails.

    I believe nobody controls anybody but themselves.

    I believe we’re stronger and happier when we’re together.


    My word: agape (“ah-GAHP-ay”), a Greek word I learned in the Bible that means the kind of love that is governed by principles. It’s the kind of love that makes us show warmth and affection even in the hardest times when we might lose sight of familial or romantic love, it’s what drives us to show compassion and take action to help others who are suffering, it’s why we are self-sacrificing, why we let offenses go, it’s what preserves our dignity because it guides how we set and enforce our own clear boundaries, it’s what restrains us from over-indulging our children, and it’s what motivates us to break the confidence of a friend who’s heading into dangerous territory. It’s love, but a uniquely deliberate kind of love that holds power unlike anything else.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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