Hangry meltdowns and self-worth

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It’s so easy to blame ourselves for our children’s meltdowns.

Especially if they are of the “hangry” variety.

After all, isn’t it our responsibility to make sure that they get fed when they are hungry?
… And, doesn’t being hungry lead to temper tantrums?
… And, who is supposed to be feeding these kids anyway?

We can be so judgmental of ourselves, and that is way worse than when others are judgmental of us.

I’m starting a newsletter series today on how, in practical terms, we can handle the basics of “kids gone sideways”…
When they are in a big meltdown.
When they have potty accidents.
When they’re disrespectful.

And step one is to know that it’s absolutely not our fault when hangry meltdowns occur!

(Or any kind of meltdown, for that matter.)

Our “failure” to provide food is not what caused that tantrum.
It was going to happen anyway, whether because they were hungry or for any number of other reasons.

One major part of childhood is helping our children take responsibility for their own actions.
That may look different, from a one-year-old tantruming, to a seven-year-old tantruming.
But it’s the same basic process.

And when we accept the blame for our children’s meltdowns, we prevent the opportunity for them to eventually take ownership of their behavior.

So just as we start this series, before we get into the practicalities of kids gone sideways, I want you to keep this thought in mind:

It’s developmentally necessary for children to have temper tantrums.
The tantrums are not our fault.
Blaming ourselves for them is counterproductive.

All of which is good news. At least, if the tantrums must occur, we can’t blame ourselves for them. All we can do is ride out the storm and know that better days are coming.

I’ll get back into tantrums and how to handle them in an upcoming newsletter!

Next week: The basics of successful potty training.

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