Helping kids love themselves and their bodies

A favorite band of mine, The Samples, has a song called Could It Be Another Change in which they sing:

You can’t love no one…
You can’t love something…
You can’t love nothin…
You can’t love anything
Till you can love yourself…
You can love yourself.

This has been on my mind a lot recently. I’ve been thinking about the messages we give our loved ones based on how we feel about ourselves.

I think in part it’s been on my mind so much because recently I was invited to be an expert speaker in a conference, Kids’ Healthy Bodies, hosted by Sarah Scheldt, M.Ed. (The series begins February 15 and will run for 14 days; click here to get your free ticket!)

My friend Sarah has pulled together a list of impressive speakers to share real-life strategies on how you can have empowered conversations with your kids around their bodies, health, and so much more!During the conference you’ll hear from expert speakers on a range of topics:
– How to start a conversation with your kids about their bodies at any age
– How to make sure your conversations are inclusive and create trust
– How to protect children from sexual abuse (this is where you’ll be hearing from me : )
– How to help your kids love themselves from the inside out

It’s that last one that I’m thinking about today.
One great way to help our kids love themselves from the inside out?
It’s for us to love ourselves from the inside out.

(BTW Sarah is this week’s podcast guest! Click this link to view our conversation, and also for links to the We Turned Out Okay Podcast in your favorite podcatcher:

What are your thoughts on this? Do you find it easy, or difficult, to love yourself?
I’d love to hear… Just click here and let me know.

Sending warm wishes on this winter’s day!

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