Information overload: a huge danger for parents

In conversation with a one to one coaching client of mine – her name is Chloee, and you can meet her by listening to our conversation in this podcast episode – I began to realize one huge challenge parents are facing right now:

Information overload.

When Chloee and I first started working together last year, she told me how incredibly overwhelmed she was at the volume of information available for free.

This course, that article, this list of tips, that webinar.

She could not decide what to pay attention to, because of the noise all this created for her.

And yet, Chloee still had significant challenges she faced.

Somehow they needed to be addressed. But she wasn’t sure how, or what to do.

She worried about her two-year-old daughter’s development.
Confined to a small apartment for weeks and months at a time.
What should her daughter the doing?
What should she be eating?
Was she developing okay, or were there problems that Chloee was missing?
Perhaps biggest of all, how long would this go on?
What if it went on so long that it fundamentally damaged Chloe’s beautiful girl?

Overwhelmed by resources, Chloee couldn’t find an answer.

In desperation she signed up for a conference, and I happened to be a speaker in that conference.

And something I said resonated, my knowledge and expertise in child development struck a chord in her. So much so that Chloee began working with me one to one.

Recently I asked her “what makes my coaching magical?”
Her response spoke volumes about how relieved she was to put her trust in one person.

I believe it’s not just the child development expertise. It’s not only the degrees in human development/family relations and early childhood education.

When someone works closely with me, I take careful time in finding out what they need from me.

I ask lots of questions. I listen to a client’s responses and offer the support that will help clients achieve their dreams for their family and themselves.

Here is part of what Chloee shared, when I asked her about what makes my coaching magical:
“Every parent has different struggles. It’s wonderful that our weekly conversations are tailored to what’s going on at this time, in my daughter’s development and in our lives.”

This is an utterly unprecedented time that we are all living through.
Raising children in this time is unprecedented, too.

When you’re trying to handle the parenting challenges caused by the pandemic, I’ve got a counterintuitive suggestion:

Tune out the noise.

Choose just a few – or even just one – trusted advisor.

Please note. It does not have to be me.
If what I say resonates with you, if what I teach feels aligned with your dreams, hopes, and values, that’s a sign that I might be a good trusted advisor for you.

But if the opposite is true, it may be time to tune me out.
If that’s the case know that I am wishing you well and want the best for you and your family <3

However it has to happen, tune out the noise.
Choose just a few podcasts.
Subscribe to just a few newsletters.
Watch favorite webinars again rather than casting about constantly for something new.

And please let me know how I can be helpful for you – I am cheering for you, that’s for sure!

Cheers –

PS What’s the pandemic doing to my child? A new program you might be interested in…

Working with private clients over these last several months, I’ve heard again and again of worries about what the pandemic is doing to children.

As a child development expert, not only do I know the answer to that; I know what to do about it.
Beginning in May 2021 I will offer a five-week program covering:

– The toll that long-term confinement and sequestration from others can cause
– Strategies to handle this long-term confinement and limit the negative impacts
– Creating a home environment that supports the social and emotional development your child needs
– Dealing with reentry including handling anxiety, bullies, and other social concerns

All along we’ll be diving into your specific questions and issues.
To make absolutely sure that you have a plan going forward we’ll spend our last class time together in a Q&A, so you can have all your concerns addressed and questions answered.

We will even have an accelerator call – an extra session to spend together – before the program begins in May so I can be sure I’m addressing your concerns and giving you all the support I can.

If that sounds good to you, I’m offering a special earlybird price…

Stay tuned! I’ll share more about the program and open enrollment next week.
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