Is it okay to put down the fear we have all been carrying for so long?

The question “what’s next” has come up frequently for me recently. (So much so that I did a whole podcast episode about it : )

I’ve been thinking a lot on how easy it is to worry, when we think about what’s next. There’s a lot that we don’t know!
Is it okay to send kids to summer camp this year?
Is it okay to hug people that we love, but who don’t happen to be part of our household?
Is it okay to put down the fear we have all been carrying for so, so long?

I’ve done some deep thinking, and deep inner work on the idea of “what’s next.”
I put on my thinking cap!
Today I want to share with you the result: 3 tenets that I am utilizing this spring to stay on the positive side of “what’s next.”

Three objectives, three throughlines, three ways I am thinking about how to be in the world.

Here they are:

1. I’m focusing on staying grounded.
For me this means long walks, short meditations, nourishing food, and alone time. (At least a little alone time. In the pandemic I have forgotten how important this is, for my well-being… Even just 10 minutes of alone time can recharge my batteries.)2. I’m focusing on understanding my own worth.
Something that totally derails me: imposter syndrome. When I start asking myself the question “who are you to… [help other people with their parenting/make household decisions/aspire to good exercise and nutrition practices]”, this raises a red flag.
I experienced this most recently right around my recent birthday.
The way back to good feelings has something to do with understanding my own worth.
It’s got to come from inside me.
Sometimes that is so hard!
But I’m working on it. Hugs, if you are as well.

3. I’m focusing on remaining within safe parameters of arousal.
Here, I’m talking about the psychological definition of arousal…
Not wanting to spiral upward past exuberance, or excitement, into anxiety.
Also, not wanting to spiral downward past quiet rest fullness, into depression.
The safe parameters of arousal encompass a lot, everything from stillness, even napping, all the way up to excitement and helpless laughter.
But I want to be sure I’m staying within those safe parameters.
Hugs if you struggle with this as well <3

What’s next for you? Please share! I’d love to be helpful if I can as you move into what’s next, and/or celebrate with you as you do this.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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