It is normal to be anxious when everything is changing.

Happy Friday!
As the world reopens, the parents I work closely with are feeling all kinds of different ways about it.
But mostly how we are all feeling – myself, and my family included – is anxious.

Just as we started to figure out how to get through days and weeks in lockdown, everything is changing. Again.

Here’s one thing I know: if anyone can survive this change, and make it through, it’s you.

Parents of young children are (I feel anyway) uniquely positioned to handle the most extreme, uncomfortable, simultaneously-tedious-and-terrifying circumstances:

  • You’ve been barfed on.
  • You’ve carried screaming children through malls and gyms and restaurants.
  • You’ve encountered judgment and scorn and shame.
  • You have worried about your kids, at the same time as your heart has been breaking with their cuteness, or silliness, or kindness, or a demonstration of their love for you

Through all the change and anxiety, you have persevered.

The aftermath of the pandemic represents a step into a new and different kind of reality.

And I am so in awe of you, as you have come through this whole thing.

In my heart I feel that you are going to not just make it through, but thrive. And I know you will also help your kiddos to thrive.

You have got this!

Here is what some of the parents I work closely with have been doing, to get through:

– Attending the WTOO Book Club – our first meeting was last week, and was a lot about how to come back after we have a crummy parenting moment. (I was Exhibit A.) More info on how you can be at this week’s meeting coming up early in the week ahead 🙂

– Recognizing their own exhaustion, and working to counter it.

– Understanding that, when they can remain calm, it makes everything better, even the moments where their children are very not calm.

– Spending positive time with their children, such as one Ninja Parenting Community member who has been exploring a spot her four-year-old calls the “Flower Museum” – an abandoned church parking lot nearby where it is safe for them to ride their bikes together (and which also has quite a few lovely flowers, hence the name)

– Determining their need for some discretionary time each day, time in which they choose what they would like to do, whether it’s speaking with a friend, reading, decluttering, and even if it’s only 5 to 10 minutes. They’re way happier when they take that time.

They are doing what they can to bring themselves and their families safely through this.

They are looking the transitions right in the face and figuring out how to keep going.

Their stories, their comments, their questions and ideas – all of that helps me keep going.

And I hope it helps you, too.

Cheers –

PS If you need help getting through, I am here for you!

In the WTOO Book Club we are working our way through Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, my first book and one that has lots of super practical tools for getting through the tough moments with young children. All you need to join is a copy of the book, $4.99 in Amazon (or, if that feels like a stretch, but you still want to be in the book club, let me know and I will send you a PDF copy of the book, free of charge.)

If you’re currently a Ninja Parenting Community member, I’ll be sending out our weekly NPC Digest a little later today, which shares (among much else) help for one member whose three-year-old is afraid of the potty – for a very good reason!
Also I’ll share more about the Training Course I just created and put up in the community, on “How to keep going” when you encounter things like: exhaustion; a particularly challenging member of your parenting team; and /or extremely difficult circumstances.

If you want to become a member of NPC: I’m opening registration back up next week! (After a wonderful spring cleaning : )
Stay tuned for details!