Work with me to build the family life of your dreams

How cool would it be to have a guide as you raise your kids?

Someone to help you through the potty training and temper tantrum years.

Someone who is there when your child’s behavior worries you.

Someone who can once and for all help you get a handle on kids’ disrespect, button-pushing, and sibling rivalry.

Someone to help with all the zoom schooling and coronavirus-related stuff.

Someone to help you stay sane while raising your kids.

I’m Karen. I am that guide.

As a child development expert and parent coach, and a mom myself, I teach people and give them hope through membership in my Ninja Parenting Community.


“One of the best uses of my energy and time.”

– Nora, NPC Member and Single Mom of a 4YO

Through her work in NPC Nora learned to thrive while…

  • Working a 60+hour/week job.
  • From home, an apartment where it’s just she and her four-year-old.
  • In the pandemic, with all the accompanying anxiety and fear and no support available from extended relatives.
  • Without excessive screen time for her child.
  • WITH lots of love and fun and enjoyment of her life!

Through the tools you’ll learn in the Ninja Parenting Community, you can enjoy your parenting life. Just like Nora.

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Raising kids, we are always modeling something.

With that in mind, what are you modeling?

Do you find yourself shouting, or impatient with your kids, more than you would wish?
If so, you model frustration and anger for them.

Do you allow fear, worry, and uncertainty to interrupt your sleep, or your enjoyment of everyday life?
If so, you model anxiety and fear for the future.

I teach something different.
I teach that by fulfilling our own needs and filling our own cup, when we are well rested and taking care of our own needs, we model something crucial for our children to see.

We model “I’m worthy. My happiness is important and I am positively working towards it every day.”

Especially in crazy times like this, our children need to see that positive model.

I’d love to be your guide as you keep walking on this parenting journey.

Join me in the Ninja Parenting Community and start modeling what your kids truly need.
And what you truly need!


The Ninja Parenting Community is:

1. Effective – you learn the tools to become empowered, and solve your biggest parenting challenges.
2. Real – we confront some tough things in the Community! We address and tackle them, giving you more happy family time and an enjoyable life.
3. A Safe Space – we treat each other with love and support. You won’t find judgment, instead you will find safety, support, and love.
4. Fun – there is lots of laughter and enjoyment in NPC!

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Click here for your whole first month in NPC for just $3




Hi! I’m Karen.

I help parents feel in control of family life, and happy inside.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Relations.
I have worked with kids and parents for a combined 15 years – in addition to raising my own sons.
(Even with all that education and experience I am a reformed perpetual worrier, where my kids are concerned. So I completely understand when parents feel that way.)

Before the pandemic of 2020, my life’s work was already to help parents change a child’s behavior from bad to good, feel happy inside themselves, and truly enjoy family time.

The urgency of that work was only enhanced when Covid-19 swept the world.

I noticed that parents (including myself) felt less happy inside, questioned ourselves more, and felt less able to handle all that was being asked of us.

So I redoubled my efforts, enhancing my online private coaching practice, the Ninja Parenting Community to include new courses (such as “How to keep going when you’re exhausted”) and developing programs for members, to help us all remember our own resourcefulness and the value of kindness as we find our way forward.

The results have been dramatic, with the parents I work most closely with reporting:
– Happier and more enjoyable family time
– Less time spent disciplining
– Better sleep and nutrition for themselves
– A feeling of happiness inside. (Yes, even in the pandemic, even in extremely difficult circumstances.)

With all that in mind, ask yourself: how could NPC Membership benefit you?
Join, and let’s find out.…
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