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The Community that Really Works for Parents

The Ninja Parenting Community is a private, online, premium coaching community to help you:

  • Change your child’s behavior from bad to good
  • Feel happy inside
  • Truly enjoy spending time with your child

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“A great place to have questions about your child answered… Take advantage of Karen’s knowledge and experience by joining!”

Sabrina, mom, author, and NPC member

” I treasure the heaps of attention that Karen gives to community members.”

Jen, mom of two and NPC member



“What do I do when my child calls me – or others – mean names?”

“I don’t like spanking my kids, but what else can I do?”

“How can I stop the whining, the hitting, the chaos at home?”

These are all questions that real parents get help with every day in the Ninja Parenting Community.

I give concrete advice and immediate steps to follow… We go WAY past mindset and into “here’s what to do now.”

Parents learn how to handle the toughest parenting stuff, through courses, training modules, and lots of other resources – including a FREE download of my book, Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics.

Membership gives you access to all of my experience and knowledge as a child development expert, everything I learned while earning degrees in Human Development, Family Relations, and Early Childhood Education and working in a great, school-district-affiliated preschool program.

In the Ninja Parenting Community you get to put all of that to work for you.

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About The Community Leader

With nearly a decade of experience in a state-of-the-art preschool program and degrees in Early Childhood Education and Human Development, I know a lot about what makes kids tick.

I’m Karen Lock Kolp, host of the We Turned Out Okay podcast and – that’s me with my husband Ben and our two kids, right over there – and I’m glad to have TONS of free and useful resources for parents of young children.

But sometimes, you just need more than what these resources can provide; sometimes you need help that is up close and personal.

I created this private community – NPC – to work closely with parents who need help fast.

When you join, you’ll learn to understand why your children do what they do.

Together through parent-coaching calls, twice-monthly live members-only calls, day-to-day conversation in our forums, courses and challenges – ALL included in membership – we make your family life less stressful.

In fact, we make time with your kids peaceful, harmonious, and fun!

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