Enjoy your parenting journey by joining NPC…


  • Learn to get good behavior from your child
  • Get help with your toughest parenting struggles
  • Feel in tune with your children, and enjoy family time, for real


“I am feeling able to handle this! I truly cannot thank you enough.”
– NPC Member Mama Llama, Mom of 3YO Boy


How the Ninja Parenting Community works:

1. It’s all online. Help with your parenting struggles is here for you 24/7. Wherever you live & whatever your time zone.

2. It’s personalized to you. In NPC, you can always get help with whatever part of raising children that is most challenging for you.

3. It’s always available. As long as you’re in NPC you always have access to all content, including every Parent Focus, video, members-only call and all challenges, lessons, and PDF downloads.

4. It’s always growing. 
Our members share their challenges and struggles, and I create help with personalized videos, worksheets, and other offerings.
Also, each quarter includes a Parent Focus:
October-December 2019 = Successful Potty Training
January-March 2019 = Child Care Communications
April-June 2019 = Helping Your Kids Get Along
July-September 2019 = Raising an Independent and Responsible Child

5. It contains deep and broad learning, to help you most in your parenting.

6. You choose how you want to join: monthly or annually


“I really appreciate having the support system I’ve gotten here and in the live videos.
– Hadyn, Mom of 2 and NPC Challenge Participant

NPC Membership includes an all-access pass to all: 

  • Exclusive live members-only calls
  •  Training Courses & Classes 
  • FREE copies of Karen’s e-books – 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know and Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics 
  • Hours and hours of content just waiting to help you channel your inner parent ninja!

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Choosing annual membership means:

All-Access pass to everything in NPC… PLUS the following!

4 Parent Coaching Calls, 1 per quarter (instead of just one at the beginning of NPC membership)

2 whole months, free!

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“How do I …

  • teach my child that bad behavior has consequences?”
  • stop my child from hitting me?”
  • “stop the jumping on the couch for my attention?”
  • get my kids to stop annoying each other, and everyone else?”

“I am full of empty threats, and they know it! Help!”

These are all questions that real parents get help with every day in the Ninja Parenting Community.

I give concrete advice and immediate steps to follow… We go WAY past mindset and into “here’s what to do now.”

Parents learn how to handle the toughest parenting stuff, through courses, training modules, and lots of other resources – including a FREE download of my book, Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics.

Membership gives you access to all of my experience and knowledge as a child development expert.

In the Ninja Parenting Community you get to put all of that to work for you!

“I value Karen’s guidance. She validates my feelings, helps [my husband and I] understand what we aren’t doing right, and make better choices.”

Kristen, Mom of 2 and Karen’s Parent-Coaching Client


” I treasure the heaps of attention that Karen gives to community members.”

Jen, Mom of 2 and Annual NPC member


About The Community Leader

With more than 14 years’ experience working with kids and parents, and degrees in Early Childhood Education and Human Development, I know a lot about what makes kids tick.

I’m Karen Lock Kolp, host of the We Turned Out Okay podcast and weturnedoutokay.com – that’s me with my husband Ben and our two kids, right over there – and I’m glad to offer TONS of free and useful resources for parents of young children.

But sometimes, you just need more than what these resources can provide. Sometimes you need help that is up close and personal.

I created this private community – NPC – to work closely with parents who want to truly enjoy this parenting journey..

If you want to work closely with me in the Ninja Parenting Community, choose one of two ways: monthly or annually.