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I have been working very hard behind the scenes to make the Ninja Parenting Community even better:

  •  I created a new training course on “How to keep going” through exhaustion, difficult circumstances (like the pandemic), and more
  •  I placed a new training in the forums on “How to handle your child’s angry outbursts”
  •  We’re helping members bring themselves and their families through the pandemic
  • It’s now easier than ever to navigate the forums and training courses
  •  Each Friday I send out the latest NPC Digest, a members-only newsletter with tons of links and ideas to get you through the week

These benefits are all available only for NPC members – and you can join our private coaching practice on a trial basis right now…

Your whole first month in the community for $1!
Join the community, getting help with your biggest challenges as a parent, for just $1 for your first 30 days.

You’ll be able to come to our live, members-only calls…
Figure out solutions to your biggest parenting challenges by speaking privately with me in a special Parent Private Coaching Call…
Find wonderful companionship on your parenting journey…

All for just $1.

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I am looking forward to helping you truly enjoy family time!


I’ve helped parents:

Kids are still kids, even in a pandemic. That is both wonderful, and terrifying. Let me help you get your child’s behavior under control so it can be wonderful and not terrifying 🙂

– Deal with potty training issues (including helping one mom, whose four-year-old almost got kicked out of school for too many poop accidents)

– Succeed at helping kids through the worst sibling fights (including one memorable one, where the kids were throwing dirt at each other)

– Handle public meltdowns (I have worked with multiple parents, who felt totally shamed and judged, teaching them how to deal with these upsetting and stressful situations)

– Deal with the aftermath of trauma, as with one mom whose two-year-old was in a car accident (the car was totaled but miraculously all were unhurt) and her son couldn’t understand “why Daddy crashed Daddy’s car”

– Address problems with school and childcare (including people whose children have been mistreated and humiliated at school)

– Leave behind terrible childcare, and find great childcare

I’ve helped parents overcome this and more, so they can feel happy inside, and enhance the close bond within their families.

If you need that kind of help I would love to bring you into the community.
It really works.
If you are struggling with any part of parenting, I recommend trying it out!


The following is a video I made for one of my ninja parents, whose 3-year-old was having a really tough time.

I hope you find it helpful if your child is acting out aggressively or having more meltdowns than you feel you can deal with.

The video above shares just one TINY part of the help I offer parents in this community.

If you need some extra support, I can help you too!



“I am feeling able to handle this! I truly cannot thank you enough.”
– NPC Member Mama Llama, Mom of 3YO Boy


How the Ninja Parenting Community works:

1. It’s all online. Help with your parenting struggles is here for you 24/7. Wherever you live & whatever your time zone.

2. It’s personalized to you. In NPC, you can always get help with whatever part of raising children that is most challenging for you.

3. It’s always available. As long as you’re in NPC you always have access to all content, including every Parent Focus, video, members-only call and all challenges, lessons, and PDF downloads.

4. It’s always growing. 
Our members share their challenges and struggles, and I create help with personalized videos, worksheets, and other offerings.

5. It contains deep and broad learning, to help you most in your parenting.

6. It is a hugely positive experience, a place with great vibes and energy.


“I really appreciate having the support system I’ve gotten here and in the live videos.
– Hadyn, Mom of 2 and NPC Challenge Participant


“How do I …

  • teach my child that bad behavior has consequences?”
  • stop my child from hitting me?”
  • “stop the jumping on the couch for my attention?”
  • get my kids to stop annoying each other, and everyone else?”

“I am full of empty threats, and they know it! Help!”

These are all questions that real parents get help with every day in the Ninja Parenting Community.

I give concrete advice and immediate steps to follow… We go WAY past mindset and into “here’s what to do now.”

Parents learn how to handle the toughest parenting stuff, through courses, training modules, and lots of other resources – including a FREE download of my book, Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics.

Membership gives you access to all of my experience and knowledge as a child development expert.

In the Ninja Parenting Community you get to put all of that to work for you!

“I value Karen’s guidance. She validates my feelings, helps [my husband and I] understand what we aren’t doing right, and make better choices.”

Kristen, Mom of 2 and Karen’s Parent-Coaching Client


” I treasure the heaps of attention that Karen gives to community members.”

Jen, Mom of 2 and Annual NPC member


About The Community Leader

With more than 14 years’ experience working with kids and parents, and degrees in Early Childhood Education and Human Development, I know a lot about what makes kids tick.

I’m Karen Lock Kolp, host of the We Turned Out Okay podcast and – that’s me with my husband Ben and our two kids, right over there – and I’m glad to offer TONS of free and useful resources for parents of young children.

But sometimes, you just need more than what these resources can provide. Sometimes you need help that is up close and personal.

I created this private community – NPC – to work closely with parents who want to truly enjoy this parenting journey..
Let me help you, too!


Try NPC for just $1!

In these months of confusion, fear, and worry both during and after the pandemic, I’ve added some new courses and trainings into this online private coaching community for parents, the Ninja Parenting Community – stuff that is SO helpful countering doubt, exhaustion, and worries – and the response from members has been amazing.

Jump into the community and feel better within yourself, while getting the help you need to truly enjoy time with your children.
Right now you can spend your whole first month in the community for just $1!

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and know how excited I am to work with you and help you solve your biggest parenting challenges <3