Let’s wreck this podcast! Episode 290

(Possibly due to Mommy Brain, I don’t mention the survey link in today’s episode until I’ve practically already said goodbye. So, here it is: weturnedoutokay.com/wreck
Click there to help me wreck this podcast : )

Also included in the survey: the chance for you to have a quick 1-to-1 call with me in September! Completely free, and without obligation. September is really hard for a lot of you, and I want to help you make it better.


Today I am asking the questions:

  • How can this show be better?
  • How can it help you more?
  • What do you like, what do you love, what do you wish was different?

A few months back, we passed 400,000 downloads of We Turned Out Okay.
400,000! That’s almost half a million!

When I started the show more than four years ago, I couldn’t even imagine 4000 downloads, never mind a hundred times that.

I felt, and still feel to this day, such gratitude to you. For getting us here, and most importantly for sticking with the show.

I do it for us. For anyone raising kids. Because I have been where you are. I totally know, from the inside, that raising kids and staying sane at the same time is a juggling act, and sometimes we feel like all the balls are falling down around us.

Let’s wreck We Turned Out Okay, in the best way possible.

Here is the link to the survey I created asking those questions above.


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