Life Moves Pretty Fast

Happy Wednesday!

Training update:

My first draft is squeakingly close to being ready to send off to my editor, so much so that I plan to have it in her hands this afternoon! While I had hoped for June 1, June 5 feels pretty great… I still took it from rough draft to first draft in just under two weeks!

Thank you so much. Because without you, and your messages, and your goodwill, and your excitement about this forthcoming book, I would be nowhere near as far along with this draft as I am.

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They Won’t Always be Little
This is a busy, crazy week for us here in the Kolp household, and a week of celebration: our oldest son is graduating!

Ben and I could not be prouder.

In the words of one teacher at his alternative high school: “Max has launched!”

Among other things Max:

– Learned an entire high school career’s worth of mathematics this past spring semester, during his last year of pre-college education

– Asserted his need for freedom, and diligently worked towards getting that freedom in an appropriate and unselfish way

– Upheld the responsibilities he has in our family, while grasping that freedom, remaining gainfully employed, and spending time with his peers

– Continues to maintain his sense of humor and positive outlook, even when the going gets tough

When Max was small, his dad and I could never have conceived the goals he would have for himself, and the ways that he would work towards achieving those goals.

Likely, if you’re reading this you have small children. And it can be so difficult to see the future, to conceive of and envision a time when your child will assert their independence.

But that time will come.

Parenting is a hard job.

And one of the toughest aspects of it is the knowledge that, if it we are doing it right, we build towards our own obsolescence.

As Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you might miss it.”

When our boys were young, I took that statement to heart. (I have always been a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fan.) I was fortunate to have the time and space to get to know my sons, to revel in their jokes, to snuggle up with books, just enjoy the time, as it passed, with them.

I always knew the time would come when I would be obsolete.

When I wouldn’t be making their meals anymore; when they’d be driving and choosing their own adventures; when they would only nominally live with us.

And that time has come SO much quicker than I ever thought it would.

While I am sad, I am also excited – for my son, who is at the very beginning of a great time of life.

And I am excited for us, because the requirements of parenthood are changing for Ben and I now. We get to reconnect with each other, and think about our goals together, what we want to do now that we are becoming obsolete as parents.

And what’s fun is that I do still get to spend time with my sons.

It’s just different time, not about wiping noses and resolving conflicts, but instead about sharing meals together or even just sharing a laugh together.

We still connect… Just not in the same ways as we did when they were young.

Life moves pretty fast.

While your children are still young, take the time to stop and look around.

Don’t miss it.

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Wishing you a wonderful parenting week!

What’s up on the podcast this week:

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Picture of the week:

The boy who just graduated high school is on the left. Here he is with his younger brother, on a hike we took many years ago.
When this picture was taken we had no idea of the joys, or the challenges, we would encounter as Max and Jay got older. We were just along for the ride.
And some of the challenges have generated some of the greatest joys.
Wishing you a great ride as you raise your kiddos…


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