My darlings, this website is broken. Here’s how you can access the podcast and/or my essays : )

Hello friends! After 6 1/2 years of working beautifully, my website has broken… It looks fine from the outside but its inner workings are, well, not working.

At first it had me tearing my hair out!

Since then, roughly 3 months before I wrote this post, I’ve learned that not only is this not a tragedy, it’s a gentle teacher from the universe.

Instead of hurting my hands and arms and soul, spending my time pursuing things such as “SEO“ or attempting to maintain a website that has become bloated, ungainly, and not representative of what I do anymore…

I am moving!
And all the good stuff is coming with me <3

This move will take some time.

My hope is to have it sorted by the end of the year, so in the meantime I am going to ask for your grace. And your patience.

Please know that in asking you, I am also asking myself for those things… (When I do too much it all goes wrong. But this much is clear: it always seems impossible, until it’s done.)

Throughout this time I am continuing to create both the podcast and the weekly essays!

Here’s where you can listen to the We Turned Out Okay podcast:

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Stitcher Podcasts…

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That’s a $50 value every month for FREE.
In addition to the fun stories, tools, and ideas I share weekly in each essay.

I’ll release them each month in this way- for newsletter subscribers – at least through the end of 2022.

Why? Because the Playbook is awesome and I want to give you a chance to play!

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Wishing you a wonderful start to the learning year, an autumn filled with every good thing, and a restful wrapping-up of this… interesting, let’s call it… year.