My Power/Internet Loss is Your Parenting Gain

Today was supposed to be the last day to sign up for the “How to Help Your Child Navigate the Choppy Social Waters of Life Without Going Under Yourself or Losing Your Mind” Mastercourse… But then THIS happened:

So I am delaying the start of the course by a week.

It’s good news for you if you want to get help:
– Defusing kids’ hostility
– Stopping sibling meanness
– Helping your son or daughter stand up to a bully without BEING a bully
– And lots more parenting conundrums!

Sign-ups are now open until Monday, November 13, with the course official kickoff on Tuesday, November 14.

Click here to learn more and register!


Want to cut down on the sibling meanness, cope with kids excluding other kids, and generally enjoy life with your kids a lot more?

I am offering a FREE minicourse, a small slice of the full mastercourse above.

You can get help immediately with one of the toughest parenting jobs, helping kids with sharing!

I teach a great parent-ninja tactic across three video modules, so you can stop worrying about what to do when you find one kid crying because the other kid grabbed something away, or hit, or lashed out with words.

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