My second-worst day of potty training ever

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What follows is the story of my 2nd-worst day of potty training ever… I’ll get back to that worst day towards the bottom of this newsletter.

Picture our little family, my husband, Ben, myself, and are seven and three-year-old boys, visiting breathtakingly beautiful parts of Oregon: The Cascades, Mount Hood, Trillium Lake.

In one day we got to hike around beautiful waterfalls, play in the snow at the top of Mount Hood, and fish in the pure, clear waters of Trillium Lake.

All with the whole of Ben’s family, which was completely amazing, because they are amazing people.

Until… Our three-year-old, Jay, wet his diaper. Since we had purchased supercheap, bottom-of-the-line diapers, for this visit so far from home, it went clear through his pants and all the way down into his socks.

THAT was while we checked out the Cascade waterfalls.

So far, so good. We had extra diapers and clothes.

But then it happened again, at Mount Hood.

And then AGAIN at Trillium Lake.

We were now 3 hours from “home,” Ben’s brother’s place near Portland, because we had hiked in around the lake, and at least two hours from anyplace that might sell diapers, or socks, or pants to replace the wet ones.

Jay was upset. What would he wear now?

Ben and I were also both upset. In fact, we were mortified.

I know that, as the daughter-in-law and sister-in-law, my face burned with shame.

I felt so guilty that I had not planned for this contingency. It was my fault that we didn’t have enough spare clothes for this emergency.
And, Ben felt the same way.

What kind of parents don’t foresee this?… Us, I guess.

But really, we cannot plan for every contingency.

At the same time, we couldn’t let the boy run around naked. It was simply to chilly up there.

We were completely out of diapers and clothes.

So, what did we do?

We improvised.

Jay spent the rest of that afternoon in a pair of his big brother’s shorts, tied around his waist with an extra fleece jacket, which kept him warm while holding up the shorts.
He also used his big brother’s extra socks, which went most of the way up his legs!
Jay looked pretty silly, but he was warm and happy.

And thankfully he did not have any more accidents that day.

All the same, it was as if our son had become a ticking time bomb. Not only did we have the rest of our Trillium Lake time, but we also needed to make the three hour drive back to Ben’s brother’s place just outside Portland.

Lots of opportunity for Ben and I to be embarrassed and worried.

But that’s not what I remember most about that day.
Here’s what I remember most:

– both boys catching fish with their uncle and their dad
– Walking around the lake with my sister-in-law, finding beautiful examples of the lake’s namesake, trillium, and enjoying the out-of-doors
– The peace and quiet of sitting with my mother-in-law, the joy on her face as she watched her grandchildren laugh and play

Looking back all these years later, I’m so grateful I could set aside the worries and instead make – and keep – great memories.

So, if you ever find yourself out of clothes for you’re not-potty-trained kiddo, I hope you remember this story.

You’ll get through it.
Hugs to you as you do!

Why was that only my second worst day?

Because the worst day happened with my first child. I’d never been through anything like potty training a child before.

At least this time, up in the wilds of Oregon, I’ve been through it!
I knew that my child would (however eventually) become potty trained.

And I knew I had it in me to help them get there.

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