NPC Summer Camp FAQs – Registration closes Thursday 7/2!

I am excited, I’ve spent the morning planning NPC Summer Camp!

For six weeks starting this coming Friday 6/26, I’m offering this program, and I would love for you to be part of it! (Registration closes Thursday 7/2 : )

I’ve decided the theme is going to be “Cool to be Kind”… NPC Summer Camp will have a kindness component. Some weeks we will go on “kindness adventures,” as Audrey Monke talks about in her book Happy Campers, where we’ll practice random acts of kindness, and involve our kiddos.

And our campfire nights will focus on handling unkindness in our own families, and bringing more kindness into the world.

I think this is really what we need at the moment, both to help in the wider world and to enjoy our time at home with our young ones.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Ninja Parenting Community and the Summer Camp program. I hope you’ll consider joining!

FAQs about the Ninja Parenting Community, and NPC Summer Camp:

1. How will this program and community help me?

Many parents – especially parents of young children – are experiencing never-before-seen challenges during the pandemic.
If you are exhausted, feel like you can’t go on, are engaging in numbing behaviors to get through the day, feel like all of your patience is gone, you’re certainly not alone!

NPC, and Summer Camp, are designed to exactly help someone in these situations.

In our forums you’ll find:
– An entire course on “how to keep going when you’re exhausted”
– A supportive and loving community, where members feel “seen and heard”
– A whole summer’s worth of fun and helpful activities, specifically designed to help you thrive (because that’s the only way you’ll be able to help your kiddos thrive)
– Lots of ways for you to live IN these tough times, so that you can live through them

2. Is it just for parents of little kids?

We’ve got members with kids ranging in age from babies, all the way on up to age 12.
So much of raising kids is the mindset that we parents bring to it. You’re the same person, whether your child is a toddler or a tween.
Our children challenge us at every age; NPC can help regardless of how old your child is.

3. I’m a technophobe… What if I can’t login? Or navigate around once I’m in the Forums?

I am there to help every step of the way! (And I am a technophobe as well… So I know exactly where you’re coming from : )
NPC works great on your home computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
And I’ve just gone through a redesign of the forums, so there even simpler to navigate and find what you’re looking for quickly.

4. What if I can’t be at the community’s live events?

It’s great fun when you can, but not a problem if you can’t!
Many people never make it to our twice monthly live members only calls, and they are thriving in the community.
All the courses and challenges are recorded and waiting for you in the Forums; when members ask a question in the Forums, responses are in NPC permanently, always available for you to get help from.

Also, I specifically planned NPC Summer Camp without any live components, so that you can enjoy participating regardless of your time zone or schedule.

NPC is fun, it’s supportive, it’s a way to connect with other parents and enjoy community…
All while becoming a better and happier parent.

Join now so that you can live IN this crazy summer… Click here to register for NPC and our Summer Camp program!


PS Click the link below for details and to join:

Hope to see you at NPC Summer Camp!