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I’ve been working on the We Turned Out Okay Playbook now for many months, and Issue 1/August 2020 is finally out! [Enrollment for Issue 1 wraps up on 8/1/2020… Enrollment for Issue 2/September 2020 begins mid-August : ]
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Also, there is a music component to the Playbook that I describe more in depth in today’s newsletter. So read on for that : )

This is the latest in my summer-long series, taking you on my journey of recovering from overwhelm and burnout and learning ways to sustainably keep going. Click here for the first installment, “Feeling guilty,” and click here for last week’s update, “What is in our control?”

This week, music is on my mind.

Music has always been such a huge part of my life. It’s gotten me through the most difficult times, and been there to enhance the joyful ones.

It’s definitely, definitely one of the most important factors in beating overwhelm or burnout, which is why I’m sharing about it with you today.

A favorite place of mine to enjoy music is Spotify (no affiliate, just love them), and as I’ve been writing and working on the We Turned Out Okay Playbook I realized that just as music has had crucial importance for me, I also love sharing it… Connecting with others over music is one of the reasons it’s so good!

So I decided that I wanted there to be a musical component to the Playbook.

I share a little bit more about that in this (less than five minute) video:

In a nutshell, subscribers to the Playbook also get to read about my curated Spotify playlist – and each month, as I add songs, I’ll send Liner Notes of those songs along with the Playbook.

One of the songs I chose this time around: “In Case of Trouble,” by Darren Korb. In the liner notes I share “When I feel trouble coming on, I play this song to feel better.”

Because I think we all need ways to feel better right now – and music totally does that for me.
What are you listening to right now?

Always remember that I’m here for you.
We will get through this together!

Many hugs,

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