One Word for 2020

Happy Wednesday!

This is the last in my series on “exercises to help you overcome feelings of failure;” click here for last week’s installment, debating between two words for 2020. Or, read on to find out which word I chose : )

Each year, for the last three years, I’ve chosen a Word of the Year:
2017 = SERVICE

For weeks, I’ve been trying to decide what 2020’s word would be. Here are my two candidates:

2020 = ENOUGH

I thought of 3 possible ways it could be used. Here is what I wrote about that in last week’s newsletter:

“1. I AM enough.
I don’t have to worry about being somebody I am not.
My voice is a good voice!
My ideas are valid.
As long as I stay true to who I am – a woman who works for kindness, teamwork, and trust – I truly am enough.

2. I HAVE enough.
I mean this in several senses. Looking around me I feel an abundance of love, friendship, and good feelings – received as well as given.
Looking around me I also feel incredibly grateful for the material possessions I live with, the roof overhead and the food on our table.
The schools our sons go to.
I have a healthy respect for both the producers of these material things – and the work that Ben and I do to earn the income with which to purchase those goods.
I have enough <3

3. I HAVE HAD enough.
I believe (as I mentioned above) in kindness, teamwork, and trust.
When I read, hear about, or see something that’s the opposite of this – whether interpersonally, in government, or in commerce – I get really steamed up!
I truly have had enough of witnessing the ways that humans mistreat other humans.”

Here’s the other candidate:


From last week’s newsletter:

“I’m a person who needs exhilaration in my life.

Vigorous exercise, in all weather.
Controlled risk-taking (like skiing).
Performing in front of a live audience, whether singing or telling stories.
Visiting a new city or country.

When I don’t have some kind of exhilaration – especially if the reason that I don’t have that is out of my control, such as when my tendon disorder stops me from being able to get that vigorous exercise – I don’t have my usual outlet for [big feelings… last week’s newsletter focused on feelings of] anger.

Which is why I’m considering EXHILARATED as my 2020 word.

It would be a fun reminder of an important way of being – because the word of the year is about being, not doing.”

Last week I asked you: which word should I choose, and why? (I also asked what, if any, words you were choosing – and one mom wrote back sharing that her 2020 words would be GRATITUDE, and PATIENCE. What lovely words : )

Regarding my word, I was leaning in the direction of EXHILARATED.

But then I heard from several of you, with really persuasive arguments in favor of ENOUGH.

One dad said:
“I really like enough. Especially when it comes to fighting the urge to buy more and not be satisfied with what you have.”

And one mom said:
“Oh how I love to hear you think through things! I like ENOUGH for how it fits you well right now in multiple ways. I also see a connection between “I have had enough” causing some of the anger in you, which you then have to deal with. By squashing or exhilarating-ly or snuggling or whatever mechanism that works. So… In that way, ENOUGH can encompass the ideas you are trying to capture in EXHILARATING. So ENOUGH is… Enough on its own.”

With reasoning like this, how could I not be persuaded?

So… My One Word for 2020 equals ENOUGH

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in!
You really make a difference in my life. I love hearing from you!

Have you thought of One Word for 2020 yet?
If so, I’d love to hear about it! Just hit reply and me know.

Wishing you an outstanding 2020!
Thanks for reading!


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