Overcoming anxiety about transitions

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_______________________________________________I wrote the following in the NPC forums last week.

I am putting the whole post here in its entirety, for a few reasons:

– I wanted to show NPC as a place where everyone – even me – can feel safe to share their challenges

– I wanted you to be able to see the depth of learning, and how it happens on so many levels, from the smallest interaction with a child, to the biggest most overarching worries members may have

– I wanted to share a success! Just in case you’re feeling like they are pretty thin on the ground these days
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Okay, here goes with my post:

“I’m excited to share something directly related to the week 5 Happy-in-Place Challenge!

We discussed small transitions, like getting kids to do things on a daily basis, and big transitions, like going from total lockdown to some plan for the new normal.

I have had success overcoming anxiety about BOTH kinds – just by being aware of the potential for the anxiety.

What this has looked like for me is this:

1. I need my kid to [clean the kitchen, come grocery shopping with me, help me weed the garden].
And boy, does he not want to do that.
When I can recognize this as a transition, asking him to leave his comfort zone and come do this thing, I’m prepared for the expression on his face, the body language, and it doesn’t daunt me or make me angry with him.

Yesterday, my 15-year-old suddenly had a sore arm, just when I needed him to come do some digging – and rather than get angry or accusing, which I have certainly done in the past, I address the problem with something we have found that works well, Arnica gel.

As I was administering first aid, I complemented him on the muscle tone he’s now got in his arms and shoulders (he’s been working really hard with his uncle across the country, doing workouts every day : )

He cheerfully came outside with me after that, and while he was digging he stopped at one point and said “you know, my arm feels better – still sore, but better.”

Recognizing my own worry about this, and then in the moment not berating him for his sudden arm pain, not only worked to get him outside, but helped him feel supported (instead of ordered, as I have done in the past.)

2. The world is opening back up, in fits and starts, and suddenly it feels like the ground is shifting underneath me.

I’m having trouble sleeping, a nervous stomach, and a return of headaches. (Previously I had only had one headache in eight weeks of lockdown!)

Previously to highlighting transitions, I might not have linked those two statements at all. But because of the conversation we had about that in our community, I’ve realized that they are TOTALLY linked.

It hasn’t made those symptoms 100% go away, but it sure has helped in my handling of the symptoms.

I’m stopping and stretching, taking medicine for headaches (instead of pressing on and hoping the headache will go away), recognizing what I need to rest. Doing a meditation exercise in the middle of the night if I wake up, or if I have trouble falling asleep in the first place.

To be able to say “I recognize this as a transition” means I spend less time in the hypochondriac space that my brain can go to under stress.

Just so cool to see something like this in action, working!”

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