What’s frustrating you right now? Kids not listening or respecting you?

Kids. Sometimes, it’s a good thing they’re cute.

If your child’s bad behavior undermines your confidence in parenting and makes you cringe,

You’re in the right place.

I create tools for parenting and happy family time

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Because every parent should be able to truly enjoy the time you spend with your kids.

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“Last week we had 4 days with no meltdowns from our youngest.”
– Sabrina Rizk


Parenting’s a Tough Gig. Get Help Here!

Each We Turned Out Okay podcast episode brings new ideas and Parent Ninja Tactics to help you enjoy the relationship you’ve always wanted with your young kids!

“Since I’ve been listening I’ve been more conscious about my life with my kids. “
-How Ya Ben, iTunes review

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Hi, I’m Karen! I help parents of young children:

  • Change their child’s behavior from bad to good
  • Feel competent and confident in their parenting
  • Rise above “parent shaming”
  • Find a deep, reciprocal connection with their kids

I’m an expert in child development and a parent coach, and I created weturnedoutokay.com to help you truly enjoy the time with your young kids!


A Shortcut to Good, Happy Family Time

The Parent Ninja Tactics I teach transform your family time from chaotic and out-of-control to smooth, harmonious, and enjoyable.

If you’re fed up of feeling anguish and frustration in the hours you spend with your child, I offer the tools you need to feel in-control, confident and competent.

Once you know the tools you can truly enjoy spending time with your young child!


Too many parents don’t know how to stop their child’s bad behavior.
Since a child’s bad behavior cuts parents to the bone, you should learn to stop it.
I offer tools and processes help you change your child’s bad behavior to good behavior. More important, I work personally with you to strengthen the bond you share with your child.

Learn these tools so you can start enjoying the time you spend with your child!

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