“Karen, thank you for bringing such joy and peace to my life with your teachings. You have made my walk of becoming a great mom a lovely one.”

– Janean, Mom of a 3-year-old 

Subscriptions for the January 2021 We Turned Out Okay Playbook have been closed so we can get subscribers’ copies printed and out for the first of the month.

Stay tuned because I’ll be opening up subscriptions to Issue 7/February 2021, coming up in mid-January!


What’s coming up in the February 2021 We Turned Out Okay Playbook?

Have you ever noticed kids’ ability to ask questions? Maybe it’s something that has plagued you – or alternatively, delighted you – but unmistakably children have a true talent for bringing curiosity into any situation.

In February we tap into that for the upcoming issue of the We Turned Out Okay Playbook!

We’ll get curious. We’ll think on little questions and big ones. We’ll learn about ourselves and our wants, our needs, our joys. Questions are super important. We will dive in with the next Playbook issue!

Imagine all the help, support, and guidance you need on your parenting journey, arriving in your US mailbox at the start of each month, just when you need it.



Created Especially for Parents by a Child Development Expert

Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed.

As a parent coach and child development expert, I teach simple, powerful tools that empower parents in challenging circumstances.

I provide necessary resources and support to help parents and families thrive.

My life’s work is to care for the people who care for children.
Because raising children can be a pretty thankless job!

I empower parents to care for kids, handle the uncertainty, live within a hybridized schedule – even work from home while home-educating children if necessary.
All while helping parents themselves feel cared for.

The We Turned Out Okay Playbook is one awesome tool in your toolbox that will help you create harmony within your family, and happiness within yourself.


Here’s what Playbook readers are saying:

“Karen’s We Turned Out Okay Playbook is a life raft for families who are struggling to stay afloat.” – Janine Halloran, LMHC, author of Coping Skills for Kids and Coping Skills for Teens

“Wow Karen, this is sooooooo good. The actions are so small, so simple, and yet so powerful.”

“It’s like Christmas! Sitting down with a cup of tea to read this made my day. And I know the actions in it will make my month. Thank you Karen!”

“Worth every penny.”



Each Playbook issue is:

Relevant to what’s going on in your life as a parent
An ideal space for you to write and think out your ideas about kids and life at home
Helpful in creating family harmony, and happiness within you

Each issue includes:

An Opening Article that teaches on a crucial aspect of parenting, while leading into the month’s Calendar Pages

An At-a-Glance Calendar (and Calendar Expansion) with simple, powerful steps for you to take each and every day of the month

An “Ask the Child Development Expert” column, answering important questions such as “How do I stop my five-year-old’s negative self-talk?”

A Mindfulness Essay that takes you into my Dream Headquarters, the place I’ve been developing since my yoga-instructor days, where I visit each evening to meditate and relax in my own daily mindfulness routine

– And much more!



Hi! I’m Karen.

I believe challenging times call for dramatic solutions.

But dramatic solutions don’t have to be difficult. In fact, the best are simple and easy to implement.

That’s why I created the We Turned Out Okay Playbook, which teaches simple, powerful tools to help parents feel in control of family life, and happy inside.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Relations.
I have worked with kids and parents for a combined 15 years – in addition to raising my own sons.
(Even with all that education and experience I am a reformed perpetual worrier, where my kids are concerned. So I completely understand when parents feel that way.)

Before the pandemic of 2020, my life’s work was already to help parents change a child’s behavior from bad to good, feel happy inside themselves, and truly enjoy family time.

The urgency of that work was only enhanced when Covid-19 swept the world.

I noticed that parents (including myself) felt less happy inside, questioned ourselves more, and felt less able to handle all that was being asked of us.

So I redoubled my efforts, enhancing my private coaching practice to include new courses (such as “How to keep going when you’re exhausted”) and developing a Summer Camp program for members, to help us all remember the value of kindness and fun as we find our way forward.

I even offer high-level coaching, to help parents feel motivated and understand how to keep going in tough times.

The results have been dramatic, with the parents I work most closely with reporting happier and more enjoyable family time, less time spent disciplining, better sleep and nutrition for themselves, and a feeling of happiness inside themselves.

With all that in mind, ask yourself: how could getting the We Turned Out Okay Playbook benefit you?
Subscribe, and let’s find out.