Living IN, not just “through,” your life with the We Turned Out Okay Playbook

What’s coming up in the September Playbook?

September 2020 We Turned Out Okay Playbook available for subscription in mid-August 2020

Families continue to feel as if we are on a wild ride, with coronavirus impacting every aspect of our lives. Parents are especially caught up in the concerns of work/school at home/managing everyone’s schedules. So we are streamlining to start the school year off right!
The September 2020 Playbook will be packed with ideas for you to get set up, organize, and figure out a routine that helps you and your family thrive!
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Hi! I’m Karen.

I believe that parents and kids do best when they feel connected and engaged.

I believe that challenging times call for dramatic solutions.

I’m offering a simple, powerful tool that combines those ideas…

The We Turned Out Okay Playbook!

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Here’s what readers are saying:

“Wow Karen, this is sooooooo good. The actions are so small, so simple, and yet so powerful.”

“It’s like Christmas! Sitting down with a cup of tea to read this made my day. And I know the actions in it will make my month!”

What the heck IS the We Turned Out Okay Playbook?

It’s a tool that gives you a place to think, question, make connections, and feel cared for – something that is not often in our experience, whether in a pandemic or not!

It shows up in your mailbox (US only at the moment – internationally as a PDF.)

It’s something you can use all throughout the month.

Away from the digital world.

Put it by your favorite chair in the living room. Or by your bed.

Come back to it frequently to do the – I won’t say work… to play.

Read, doodle, draw, write.

Do the thinking, questioning, creating, and connection-making.

THAT is what’s going to see you through.

Because we need you well.

Your family needs you well.

You need you well.

Each Playbook issue is:
Relevant to what’s going on in your life as a parent
An ideal space for you to write and think out your ideas about kids and life at home
A calendar (and calendar expansion) with simple, powerful steps for you to take each and every day of the month
An “Ask Karen” column, answering important questions such as “how do I stop my five-year-old’s negative self-talk?”
– “Hello from the Dream HQ,” a column from my Dream Headquarters, the place I visit to meditate and relax in my own daily mindfulness routine

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Karen Lock Kolp M.Ed.

Child Development Expert, Parent Coach

Author of 3 parenting books including Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, helping you “keep calm and handle every temper tantrum”

Host of the We Turned Out Okay Podcast, helping parents of young children change kids’ behavior from bad to good; feel happy inside; and truly enjoy family time

The quote I live by: “The opposite of play is not work. It is depression.” – Brian Sutton-Smith