As a child-development expert, podcast host, author of 3 parenting books, someone who’s worked with parents and kids for 15 years, been a homeschooling parent for 13 (and is also a reformed perpetually worried mom), I have lots of knowledge and expertise to help you thrive and find joy in your family life!


The We Turned Out Okay Playbook 

A monthly publication conceived during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 specifically to help you:
– Foster the skills that kids – and you – truly need to thrive, even amidst all the uncertainty
– Find ideas and activities to enrich family life while in lockdown and/or social distancing
– Keep going in all the craziness

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Trainings and Workshops

Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed.

In every Training and Workshop, I provide resources and support for parents coping with caring for/educating kids while working from home or in difficult circumstances.

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Transformational, High-Level Coaching

My coaching clients say that they love working with me because:
I don’t push them along a curriculum of my choosing.
Instead, I help them dream big!

I help them understand what their heart longs for, and then take the action steps to achieve their dreams.

We all have dreams.
What are you doing to make yours reality?

Go on the adventure of your life with me as your guide: write me, and let’s talk!

I’ve helped people:

– Adapt throughout their children’s growing years
– Stop worrying and instead cultivate a wonderful connection and relationship with their children
– Coparent through divorce
– Get control of completely out-of-control children
– Achieve potty training success with even the most stubborn kids
– Relocate from one state to another
– Stop spanking and instead discipline positively, changing their whole relationship with their children
– Find happiness and contentment in family life

If you’re struggling with something hugely challenging, I can help you too!
Here’s what you can expect:

  • Private, deep conversations with me as your coach, to help you discover a way forward
  • A personalized guide to keep you on track as you get good at using these tools to transform your life, your child’s life, and your family life into that that which you truly love.
  • Support and guidance through the difficult times as you build something awesome and truly transformational.

I believe that you should never have to feel like you’re going it alone.
Let’s work closely together and get you the parenting life you truly want.

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