Something to try for when it all feels like too much

Happy Wednesday!

Training update:
We’ve hit our first milestone with Educating Happy Children: 9 Ways to Help Kids Learn What They Need to Know! I was able to finish the first draft in just two weeks!

I know with certainty that the first draft of this book is done – and it is as good a draft as it could possibly be – because of you. The support, the emails, the questions and heartfelt thoughts that you have sent over these weeks mean more to me than I can say.

Plus, I am now placing advanced chapters into the Ninja Parenting Community! If you are an NPC member click here to check them out.

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Members will tell you that, in addition to advanced chapters of my parenting books, it’s life-changing!

What’s next? Creating the cover – I hope you’ll be involved in that, helping me choose the best cover for this book.

My goal is to have cover choices for you to vote on in the next Wednesday newsletter, so stay tuned for that!

Here is what you can try when it all feels like too much:
My husband Ben and I went on our usual weekend coffee-and-a-walk date this past weekend. This walk is something we really look forward to all week, definitely one of the highlights of our routine!

When Ben suggested, about 18 months ago, that we spend time together each week, I happily agreed. But I had no idea that there’d be so many benefits to reconnecting with him in this way. These include:

– Feeling like we are on the same team
– Remembering why I wanted this person in my life
– Helping each other think clearly about the problems that came up during the previous week
– Figuring out how to navigate the upcoming week
– Talking, and laughing, together

On our walk, which we have taken more or less at the same location each week for 18 months, even in hottest summer and darkest winter, we have the opportunity to observe lots of beautiful nature.

We walk on the canal, and often see turtles sunning themselves; herons hunting; fish, both large and small.

We notice the changing of the seasons, the trees and wildflowers; the changes that happen in the canal and the nearby river.

We see people walking their dogs, we see families and young adults getting their pictures taken.

Occasionally we see people that we know, and we get to walk with them.

And often we see families with young children.

This past weekend, a dad brought his toddler-aged boy to do some fishing. The little boy was just at that point of beginning to make full sentences, and he was so excited to share with us about how “Daddy catch a big fish!”

There’s a great hill for sledding (or rolling in summer), and a field for Frisbee, and benches and picnic tables for sharing meals.

For eighteen months I have been absorbing the wonders of this natural place, and communing with the others who enjoy it – and it’s never once occurred to me what the most important, overarching part of it all has been…

Until Ben said it this weekend: “There’s a different pace here.”

One of the most important parts of the experience is leaving the information superhighway behind, just relaxing, soaking up the sun.

Absorbing the vibe.

Catching a big fish.

Simply: being.

Can I give you homework this week?

Get out to a quiet, natural place.

Try to spend an hour, or more if you can, at that slower pace.

Don’t look at your phone – in fact, leave it at home or lock it in the car!

You won’t need it.

Go yourself, or bring a significant other; or go as a family.

It all seems to work, at the park.

Take in, and enjoy, this slower pace.

I hope it rejuvenates you for the upcoming week, as it does Ben and I.

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Wishing you a wonderful parenting week!

What’s up on the podcast this week:

This week I speak with Emily Orton and Erik Orton, mom and dad of 5 children and authors of Seven at Sea, the story of the adventure Erik and Emily took their children on, traveling the Caribbean in a sailboat for an entire year! If you are up for an adventure, or feeling like you’re in a little bit of a rut, you will LOVE this episode.
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Each Monday in our We Turned Out Okay Facebook group I do a superquick Facebook live that I call “Magic Words for Parents”… And this week I share one way to keep going – to keep your head in the game – if you are raising kids while coping with anxiety, depression, or difficult circumstances. 
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Picture of the week:

Everything is in full bloom in June in our park! And you can just see the canal, too!


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