Should I make my kids do chores? | Podcast episode 256

I feel your pain about getting kids to do chores.

They whine, and complain, and with enough of that, we begin to ask ourselves “is this really necessary? I could have already had this done myself, and saved us all this trouble.”

But if kids don’t do chores, what happens? Are they any more or less likely to have a successful, fulfilled, happy life?

Today we dive into this topic. We explore the right chore mindset, and three practical steps you can take, regarding chores and your child.

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  • My chore cheat sheet, explaining the mindset and practical tips to help you in the moment
  • The scoop on my latest book, just out! One reviewer says “If you’re ready for communication and mutual respect to replace chaos and misbehavior, do yourself a favor and read 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know.
  • The video of the week: “How to have a well behaved child at a party”

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Temper Tantrums and Potty Training:

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While the podcast is long-form – your opportunity to look into the mind of a child development expert – the free guides are super quick.

You can watch the video, read the checklist, and immediately handle the temper tantrums or get started with potty training (depending on which guide you choose : )

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