Five Ways to Keep kids happy on Thanksgiving day | BONUS Episode 252.5

This is Max and Jay, at a long-ago, super-special big family dinner. They had a ball, and so did the rest of us! I am so grateful that Max, Jay, and of course their dad, Ben, are in my life.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be fun, right? It’s time with family, one last deep breath before December’s insanity.

But when our kids were small I used to worry.

It’s such a big meal. It takes such preparations. And it goes on for such a long time… How could I keep my boys quiet and happy on this day?

Then, there were the issues of stranger anxiety, and of small kids in a crowded space, with lots of treasured knickknacks and plants for them to hurt or break “on accident”… How could I give them a sense of security, and everyone else the sense that “here’s a kid who won’t destroy everything in sight”?

In this bonus episode I give you 5 ways to alleviate these problems, just in time for tomorrow’s celebrations!

I am SO thankful.

This is Ninja Parenting Community (NPC) member Jen, with her two little girls. Jen is a rockstar member of NPC! She brings not just great questions, but help and support for other members, a “parenting can be fun” sensibility, and also adorable pictures like this one. I am so grateful for Jen.

In this episode I share an announcement about something happening right now: the “I’m thankful” special, where you can join our exclusive parent coaching community for just $1 for the first month.

One member of the Ninja Parenting Community (NPC for short) recently shared in our forums:
“What a difference this has made!!!… I truly cannot thank you enough.”

When she wrote those words I felt so grateful. To know that the work I do strengthens the bond between a parent and child; to know that I have expertise that brings families together?
Nothing feels better than that to me.

I am so thankful, and I want to share that gratitude with you.

If you’ve been thinking about jumping into NPC, but but you weren’t sure that membership would be worthwhile, reread those words from NPC member Mama Llama above.

This is PJ Jonas and family; PJ, my guest in episode 173, shared so much about getting to the fun parts of family life. I’m so grateful for our conversation.

And then:

Imagine a December in which, when your young child acts up, you’ve got a place to come and get help right away.

Imagine bringing your kids to a family gathering without being fearful of what their behavior could be.

Imagine that instead of feeling gut-wrenching worry, instead of the guilt or sadness you feel when you shout or spank your little one, you could enjoy this special family time.

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Happy listening, and happy Thanksgiving!

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