227: Integrate Family and Work with Mom and Author Shannon Miles (Podcast Episode 227)

Picture this: you’re in the car,

Shannon Miles and her family.

in a parking lot, with your screaming three-year-old and six-month-old.

You’re on a call with work, and you’ve got the call muted so that you can hear what’s going on – but your coworkers can’t hear the car chaos.

Until one of your coworkers says “Shannon, what do you think?” – and you know that as soon as you unmute the call everyone on it will hear the screaming.

What do you do?

If you are today’s guest, you learn from this situation… and you take that learning and make a life with a proper balance between family, and work.

Join me in a great conversation with Shannon Miles, author of The Third Option, all about handling the tough choices that we parents face every day.

Shannon shares a wonderful 3-step process if you’re feeling stuck, with a big decision to make.

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and thank you so much for listening!

PS Shannon asked me to share that the company she and her husband Bryan started is hiring! Click belaysolutions.com if you, or someone you know, might be interested in working for the Mileses : ) Continue reading “227: Integrate Family and Work with Mom and Author Shannon Miles (Podcast Episode 227)”

113: How to Talk to Kids About Current Events and This Election – A Conversation with Mom and Veteran Broadcast Journalist Cheryl Tan

2014-12-24-16-25-57-3Welcome! To listen to today’s episode, scroll down to the bottom of this post and hit the triangular “play” button.
Enjoy the show!

I knew I wanted to speak with a journalist regarding next month’s presidential election, so I was thrilled when today’s guest, veteran TV reporter/anchor Cheryl Tan, agreed to come on the show!

Cheryl has appeared on CNN and Fox News, and currently hosts her own entrepreneurial TV show, Hampton Roads Business Weekly, the Standout podcast, and teaches entrepreneurs how to connect with journalists in her online community, PR Pro.

Speaking with Cheryl helped me realize that “the mainstream media” – feared by some, considered distant by others – is made up of real people. They are sons and daughters, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and like Cheryl they want to tell people’s stories.

In today’s episode Cheryl shares about the crazy schedule-juggling that two married journalists go through while raising three boys, how to talk to kids about current events, and Cheryl shares advice that she’s not sure you’ll love, but nevertheless is her best idea for parents of young children…

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Here is Cheryl’s favorite schedule from when their kids were younger and she and her husband, both journalists, had to figure out how to raise kids and work at the same time:

– 2:15 AM: wake up, go to work while husband runs the morning at home
– 3 PM: get kids off the bus, attend to homework/dinner/sports
– 8:15 PM: get everybody to bed, including herself

That’s six hours of sleep, not too bad in terms of maintaining your sanity while raising young kids!

Cheryl liked that schedule so much because everybody got what they needed: work time, family time, and time for sleep.

Having spent so long in the news-media industry, Cheryl sees real importance in helping young children understand, in an age-appropriate way, what is happening around them.

Kids absorb vibes naturally, and if they’re feeling anxiety in the air and not understanding it, they’re very unsettled kids indeed…

Cheryl recommends speaking to them, answering questions, helping them feel safe.

In this part of our conversation I get to share about a day when my oldest, Max, came home upset from kindergarten, where there was some conversation about a recent shooting.

Through our conversation, Max was able to find a few solutions to help him feel safe – while it was hard for me to talk about a shooting with my little guy, I’m glad I did. It was what he needed.

Towards the end of our conversation, Cheryl shares her best piece of advice for parents of young children, adding that she is not sure that you will love it:

ENJOY this time with them. They will not be little forever!

Key Links:

Click here to check out Cheryl’s awesome podcast, Standout.

Go to CherylTanmedia.com/contact to share comments with her or ask any questions.

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062: How to Stop the Weeknight Chaos with Single Mom, Blogger, and Podcaster Brandie Weikle

conscious-uncoupling-before-it-was-cool-why-i-started-the-1000-families-project_1000Today I talk work/family balance – and how to keep a divorce amicable – with Brandie Weikle, host of The New Family podcast.

Brandie, who before jumping into her 1000 Families Project blog and The New Family was the editor of Canadian Family magazine and the relationships editor for the great Canadian newspaper, the Toronto Star, experienced firsthand the pain of being a kid whose parents are divorcing un-amicably. She and her former husband – who also experienced that pain growing up – worked really hard to stay true partners when they decided to divorce; to that end they now live right next door to each other in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

During our conversation – an “extra” guest interview that I felt needed to be included in the all-about-food month of March, because Brandie gives such great tips about getting dinner on the table amidst the weeknight chaos – Brandie shares what it was like to go through that process of divorcing amicably, making the transition from working woman to working mom, and a few of the ways she keeps her family’s weeknights from spinning out of control. (Also, we have a fascinating discussion on the differences between maternity leave here in the states and up in Canada; as we get closer to our presidential election, Brandie has graciously agreed to come on the show again specifically to talk maternity leave.)

Click here or go to weturnedoutokay.com/062 for the full show notes for this episode!

Brandie shares a couple of key ways that she reigns in weeknights for herself and her two boys, ages eight and 12:

  • take time on the weekend to make a list of meals for the coming week’s dinners; having a plan in place means that you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner as you’re driving between work and daycare, or stopping at the grocery store on your way home after picking up kids from child care
  • when possible, try to figure out how to make “rolling meals;” this is where tonight’s mashed potatoes side dish becomes tomorrow night’s shepherd’s-pie-topping
  • ask friends “what are you making for dinner tonight?”; often times their ideas will spark ideas for you – and in fact this happens during the recording of this episode, when Brandie brings up BLTs and I realize that we have everything needed to make them tonight for dinner, so we can quickly and easily make tonight’s dinner and still have time to prepare part of tomorrow night’s lasagna

Brandie gives really great advice for parents of young children, who are just trying to get them to eat: calmly, non-judgmentally expose kids to all kinds of foods. She emphasizes that the key is to have the exposures be really nonchalant and repeated frequently; our thinking about food can be so fraught with anxiety, and kids pick right up on that. It’s better to relax, enjoy the family time, and don’t stress about the food. Great advice indeed!

Key Links:

Brandie’s website, thenewfamily click weturnedoutokay.com/contact.com, is where you’ll find The New Family Podcast, the 1000 Families Project (which you are invited to be a part of), recipes by Brandie’s friend and fantastic home cook Michael Forbes, intended just for busy families, and Brandie’s free e-book, 11 Ways to Keep Your Family Weeknights from Spinning Out of Control

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