“There’s just not enough time to do everything” – Part 2 of the Taming Weeknight Chaos Series! (Podcast Episode 233)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Taming the Weeknight Chaos series!

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Today we address a huge challenge in every parent’s efforts to create enjoyable, smooth family weeknights: there’s just not enough time to get everything done.

In fact today is a troubleshooting episode, because we tackle that problem – and also the “I’m always the bad cop” problem that comes up for tons of parents!

You’ll find this episode really helpful if weeknight chaos is a problem for you.

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145: When Kids Rebel Against Your Daily Schedule: Common Parenting Challenges Part 2

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Welcome! To listen to today’s episode, scroll all the way down to the bottom o

Marla, the mom I spoke with in episode 82, created this scheduled to streamline busy mornings with daughter Gracie. (She did a great job : )

f this post and hit the triangular “play” button. Enjoy the show!

“My four-year-old daughter is fine with our schedule a lot of the time. But sometimes she rejects it altogether! How can I make it so she’s going along?”

Recently I spoke with a mom who shared 3 key parenting struggles; I knew that you’d be struggling (most likely, anyway) with the same stuff, so I’ve put together a series of Common Parenting Challenges based on our conversation.

Today, we dig into scheduling!

Sometimes kids really rail against a schedule of any kind. How to help? Listen to today’s episode : )

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The Common Parenting Challenge:

“My four-year-old daughter is fine with our schedule a lot of the time. But sometimes she rejects it all together! How can I make it so she’s going along with our morning schedule?”

Nothing will work one hundred percent of the time; much as we wish it differently when they’re small, kids need to go their own way sometimes. (As much as we wish they would obey our every command, believe me, we do not wish this when they’re older – unless we heartily wish they were still living with us, depending upon us, at age 35!)

When your child is balking at your schedule, and yet you still need to get up, eat breakfast, and get out the door, try this:

The evening before, as he’s settling in to bed, bring them tomorrow schedule and ask him: which would you like to do first tomorrow, brush your teeth or get dressed?

Giving kids some autonomy, some choices in their schedule, can make a huge difference to their adherence to the schedule. When we give them choices it helps them own the schedule; humans really love to have some say in how they spend their days.

Two notes of caution: first, two-year-olds often have a tougher time handling choices in a schedule (no surprise – they’re barely verbal and are in a tougher, more tempestuous place than, say, your average four-year-old.)

I’d advise trying this with kids younger than four, but just know that it may not work as well!

Secondly, make sure that the “reward” – the time with you, the time in front of the tube, the time listening/dancing to music – is still at the end; they need that reward to work towards.

Questions? Give me a holler at weturnedoutokay.com/contact!

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