True or False: There is no way to teach social skills | Podcast Episode 284

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My jaw was on the floor recently during a parent coaching call with one of our Ninja Parenting Community members, when she revealed that her child’s teacher told her “there is no way to teach social skills.”
Immediately I knew I wanted your thoughts on this… and if this is also your belief, I’d like to use today’s podcast episode to change your mind.

Because of course we can teach social skills!
In today’s episode I offer three ways to do so.

Please learn them, heed them, take them into your heart.

Because without these crucial skills – without humans passing them on to our offspring – our society breaks down.

And also life is a lot less fun!

Plus in Parenting News: I’m sharing about a new favorite podcast of mine, An Arm and A Leg, a podcast about the insanity of healthcare in the United States. It’s a great show because it tells amazing stories, and finds a lot to be optimistic about, in a part of American society that I was feeling increasingly frustrated with… turns out I am not the only one.

Join us!

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  • A cheat sheet on the 3 ways you can teach social skills to your young child
  • Key links we talk about in this episode
  • The video of the week: “Can I teach my child social skills? And if so how?”

And thank you so much for listening!

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