112: What’s The Antidote to Anxiety? Part 2 of The Modern Parent’s Guide to Surviving This Election Cycle

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According to this article last week at Vox.com, 55% of voters were “disgusted” with the campaign… back in September.
I’m betting that that number has gone up a bit as this election has changed from PG to R-rated.

And if we are that freaked out – how are our kids?

When our fear and upset level goes up, so does theirs.

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About this episode:

We are not immune to anxiety. In a contentious election cycle like the one we’re in now, with the days getting shorter, the holidays looming…

No wonder so many of us are losing sleep and stress-eating!

Today I’m thinking about a saying that has come up for me a lot in the years since I first started confronting my chronic illness:

“The antidote to anxiety is action.” – Elven Semrad

In this episode, we talk about one kind of action to avoid – and two kinds of actions you can take every day to reduce your anxiety.

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When my wonderful psychologist, without whom I would probably not actually be alive today, shared Elven Semrad’s words with me, they resonated so strongly.

If anxiety is fear for the future, then the antidote places us firmly in the now – taking some kind of action.

My psychologist did caution me against one kind of action, however:

DO NOT ATTEMPT to numb anxiety with alcohol or drugs.

Taking these negative actions makes everything worse, and I would caution you – just as he cautioned me – to avoid the hell out of things that numb our emotions.

If you’re tempted to reply, as so many of us are, “this anxiety hurts!”, then allow me to present to you the actions you CAN take as the antidote to that hurt.

Here they are – the 2 kinds of actions you can take to alleviate your anxiety:

1) address the small everyday issues right in front of you, one at a time.
– Feeling cooped up? Take a short walk.
– You’ve got a list as long as your arm of doctors appointments to make, car oil-changes to schedule, accommodations to figure out for people arriving for Thanksgiving? Choose the MOST CRITICAL of these, and cross it off your list now.
– If it feels too big, break the task down until you have a series of steps, the first of which you can accomplish right now.
– Your home is cluttered and messy and disorganized? Choose one tiny piece of it to declutter and organize; when that tiny piece is done, move on to the next tiny piece.

2) strike back at the negativity in the air, the toxic vibes around you.
– Though it may seem counterintuitive, striking back at this negativity is best done by taking care of YOU.
– Sleep, exercise, good – at least, decent – nutrition, forgiving yourself when you screw up (notice I said “when,” because we screw up all the time and it so tempting to beat ourselves up about that); this is how we strike back.

And if you’re tempted to say now “but my anxiety is too large to be brought down by anything,” I’d like to share about what these two kinds of actions have done for me:

Action 1: in the winter of 2012, the muscles in my right leg had wasted away to the point where, the day I started aquatic physical therapy, I literally had to push my leg to make it go backwards in the pool.

I didn’t have enough strength in the leg itself to take one single step backwards in the shallow end, never mind keep myself afloat!

But I kept getting in that damn pool.

I addressed this “everyday” issue several times a week, and after a couple months not only could my leg move itself backwards in the pool, it withstood my body weight on land.

I’ll never, ever forget the feeling of placing all my weight on that leg for the first time since summer of 2011. It was awesome.

Action 2: I hate the scary vibe in the air right now. In past election cycles, usually by mid October, when this episode airs, I am a complete wreck. This is because I’ve stayed up super-late each night, scanning the Internet and fretting and worrying about the election itself. Along with limited sleep comes the urge to consume entire bottles of Nutella, so no surprise that my jeans would stop fitting by election day.

But I’m working extra hard to take care of me this year.
My primary goals are:
– get at least seven hours of sleep each night
– walk or strengthen my muscles every other day
– to help you feel better, to alleviate your anxiety by sharing with you what’s worked for me

And I really am noticing far less of a reaction to the atmospheric anxiety!

I’m wishing you the same, during this episode and every episode this fall with my “Everybody Sucks 2016” series.

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The best thing is that putting the letter u in Understanding can have great consequences! They can help you know your child better, it can help you laugh together… It can help you have more fun.

Do you Understand your child? If so, please share! Go to the contact page at Weturnedoutokay.com, or comment right here in this post – it took me years to be able to Understand each of my boys, I’d love to know how you do it. And, thanks for listening!