Raising boys who are empowered, and not jerks: A Conversation with Dr. Michael Reichert | Podcast Episode 285

Raising two boys – pictured here at 5 and 1 years old – this conversation meant so much to me personally.

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When I first saw How to Raise a Boy,

the book today’s guest, Michael Reichert, PhD, wrote, I knew I was in for a treat. Dr. Reichert ‘s writing is a skillful blend of personal stories and relevant, amazing research, and before I knew it I was highlighting, marking pages with Post-it notes, and pumped to speak with Dr. Reichert!

And, our conversation does not disappoint.
If you’ve got questions about:
 – Your son turning into a “mama’s boy”
 – How to (in the words of one of our WTOO Facebook group members) “empower boys to be their best selves without being jerks”
 – Or even if you have questions about why – if you’re raising girls and not boys – you should care;
You’ll find this conversation relevant and compelling.

I’m so thankful to Dr. Reichert for coming on the show today, and I hope you enjoy our conversation, and learn from it, as much as I did.

Plus in Parenting News: I’ve just learned of an amazing new resource for parents, the Revive Show, a live Internet radio show, and you need to hear about it too. I learned of it when I was invited on as a guest, and I think you will love the show!

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