Feeling guilty

In a (pre-pandemic) live storytelling event, I looked and felt in my element. There was no guilt or imposter syndrome that day! In this post I outline how I plan to get back my mojo, and I share how I’m taking you along on this journey with me. (Photo by Jennifer Provost)

Hi Friends,

Just a quick note today, wishing you well and sharing a discovery I’ve made about myself:

I’m feeling guilty.

Guilty that I haven’t been as good a parent as I wanted to be in the pandemic.

Guilty for not doing enough to address systemic racism and other injustices.

Guilty that I dove into our emergency chocolate, and finished it all within a few days.

Guilty that, no matter how much I do, it doesn’t feel like enough.

Guilty for thinking “I don’t want to deal with this now” when someone in my family needs me for something.

Guilty for only doing my strength training once, in the last whole month.

And the list goes on.

It’s only just dawned on me that all this guilt comes from a couple places: Continue reading “Feeling guilty”

A roadmap to getting your child to take more responsibility

Happy Wednesday!

Today I want to give you some concrete steps you can take, to get your child to take more responsibility.

The method below also helps your child become more independent.

FYI: Spots are filling up for the program I’m offering, all about how to do less for your child and feel good about that! Because I’m working so closely with participants I am strictly limiting enrollment. (As I write this there are just 4 spots left!) You can learn more and register by clicking weturnedoutokay.com/indy.

Independence is good for two reasons:

  • 1. When kids can do more for themselves, it is ultimately going to be helpful for them, all their lives.
  • 2. When kids can do more for themselves, we don’t have to do as much for them. We can be guilt-free as we enjoy more free time, maybe even do something that fills our soul.

But, it can be incredibly difficult to give our children independence. Just as it can be incredibly difficult to get them to take more responsibility.

This is for a variety of reasons, and it is something that I have struggled with as my kids have grown.

I’ve overcome this challenge, and I have helped others do the same. In fact all this quarter in the Ninja Parenting Community, our focus is on independence! If you are an NPC member, click this link to go directly to our Parent Quarterly Focus forum on Independence.

So, here is my roadmap to getting your child to take more responsibility, and also getting your child to be more independent! Continue reading “A roadmap to getting your child to take more responsibility”