313: The challenges of feeling worthy while raising little kids

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My wellness coach is here for YOU today!

“Linda,” who’s going incognito for our conversation, shares about so much:
– Her own wellness journey
– What it was like for her to raise a child with special needs
– How to get what you want out of life

Hope you enjoy this conversation and find it helpful!

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Key Links

Click here for the VIA Character Institute website. Linda and I have used their Character Strength Tool and talk about it in today’s conversation.

Click here for the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group.

Creativity: crucial for all ages. My conversation with Dan Blank (rebroadcast) | Podcast Episode 270

Today’s guest, Dan Blank; image from his website, wegrowmedia.com

 You may have heard that creativity is important to our children’s developing minds.
But have you ever thought about how important creativity is for yourself?

Today’s guest, Dan Blank, not only helps us understand how important it is… He helps us figure out ways to incorporate creativity into our busy parenting lives.

I hope you enjoy today’s conversation, whether you heard it when it was originally broadcast about 18 months ago, or if this is your first listen. Cheers!

Go to weturnedoutokay.com/270 for:

  • Favorite ideas from our conversation
  • Dan’s answer to a question that didn’t make it into the interview
  • The video of the week: Off this week, returning Thursday, March 28

And thank you so much for listening!

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