How to raise trustworthy kids – Talking with Dad and Author Jonathan Greene (Podcast Episode 243)

You’ll love today’s conversation

if you look at your little kids and can’t imagine how they could possibly become functioning – never mind happy or successful – adults.

Dad and author Jonathan Greene shares wisdom, and great stories, with us today!

Our conversation is all about how Jonathan went from being a latchkey kid – who was routinely mugged, and didn’t let it bother him – to a hovering father of young children.

Today he’s a dad of teens who’s formed really great bonds with his son and daughter, and shares today about the choices he made that helped develop those bonds.

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041: Stop the Holiday Insanity, Part One – The 3 Most Important Gifts You Can Give Your Kids

IMG_1871 Today, the first of the three-part series about stopping the Holiday Insanity by using the three best gifts you can ever give your children, we dive into: Time.

In each of the Just You and Me December episodes – today’s, December 15, and December 29 – we talk about one of these three gifts.

Today’s is time!

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Always, but especially during the busiest times of year (such as the current Holiday Insanity), time for parents of young children is fleeting. And yet, the best yet gift that we can give to them is our time; here are some ways to incorporate time-savers and hacks into your busy parenting life!
1) remember that kids spell time T-I-M-E… as often as you can, try to have a chunk of time with a planned, open-ended something to play with along with your child; play dough, Lego, blank paper and markers or colored pencils all are great for connecting with your child, without a ton of preparation or in-activity thought on your part
2) make the time multifunctional; can she bang pots and pans together on the floor while you make and freeze appetizers or desserts for a family party? Can he play with paper, stickers, envelopes while you stuff and address holiday cards? Can they help you roll out sugar cookie dough? Even if it’s sorting the year-and filing together… It doesn’t matter what it is; it matters that it happens
I do recognize that it’s not easy. Especially during holiday insanity, but at other times of the year too! I’ve “eaten” enough play dough hamburgers in my time to fill a fairly large wastepaper basket, and I’ll say this: at the time, I was ready to gag at the thought of just one more. But now that it’s been five or six years since my boys lost interest in play dough, I’m thankful for every one of those hamburgers, shaped by little fingers and given with love.
As the saying goes, “the days are long, but the years are short.”
Make the most of the time you’ve got with your littles – and give them as much of your time as you possibly can.
Important Links from This Episode
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My interview with Emily Flake, author of Mama Tried: Dispatches from the Seamy Underbelly of Modern Parenting

Jessica Lahey’s page, where you can read more about her amazing book, The Gift of Failure, and also her article from a few years ago in The Atlantic Monthly

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