140: How to Be Happier In Your Parenting: A Conversation with Mom, Author, Columnist and New York Times Contributing Editor KJ Dell’ Antonia

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Today’s guest didn’t set out to be a writer. But after getting her law degree and being a practicing attorney for six years, she made a discovery: law just wasn’t her thing; instead, she found, she was a writer.

In the spirit of finding stuff out through writing, KJ Dell’Antonia began freelancing about motherhood; she’s written for Slate magazine, Parenting magazine, Parents magazine, and many others. She is now a contributing editor and columnist on the Well Family page at the New York Times, and currently on book leave to write – what else? – a book that’s going to help us be happier in our parenting.

KJ shares where her research for this as-yet-unnamed parenting book is taking her, and you’re going to be thrilled because she’s investigating all the problems that you are most likely currently living with!

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Guess what the vast majority of parents struggle with on a day-to-day basis?

KJ’s done extensive research on this, even commissioning a study with 1000 parents, for her upcoming book.

Her research shows that most parents struggle with one concept:


(I know… It sounded familiar to me too.)

Today, KJ shares how discipline wends its way through everything else in our parenting lives: chores, homework, consistency.

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She’s really fun to connect with out in the social media world, and not just for the adorable and funny Playmobil pictures she posts!

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135: How and Why to “be a better example for” your kids: A Your Child Explained Episode

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To listen to today’s episode, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post and click the triangular “play” button. Enjoy the show!

Remember a few weeks ago, when I got emotional about talking to myself in the mirror every night? (Listen to that episode, We Turned Out Okay’s second annual goal-setting episode, by clicking here.)
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The idea of confronting ourselves in the mirror each day is really resonating (in fact I’m planning a Just You and Me episode on this, so stay tuned) – but many people struggle with the idea of thinking positively about themselves at all.
Today’s Your Child Explained episode addresses this very issue – while answering listener Eri’s question:
“Like many people, I’m very hard on myself and I know things would be better if I could be more accepting and forgiving. I also think that this attitude would be a better example for my little girl. Self-acceptance seems to be so difficult for women and girls in our culture… It’s definitely something I think about in regards to my 14-month-old daughter as I look toward her future.
“I listened to [episode 130] last night, and was really touched by your candor and depth of feeling. I’ve heard of affirmations before and I admit to dismissing them as “not for me.” Well, after listening to you, I’d like to give it a try.
“How do I start?”

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