How to get quality childcare: A masterclass | Podcast Episode 272

If you’ve ever struggled with less-than-quality childcare, whether in daycare or in a school setting, today’s episode is for you!

Because you are not alone. I’ve been working closely with people whose childcare providers do inscrutable things – one mom tells of an “aggression journal” her 3-year-old son’s childcare teachers are keeping about him! – and another who found her most recent parent-teacher conference frightening and overwhelming.

Which is why today I’m bringing you, in audio format, the class I taught just last week, all about “How to get quality childcare.”

During this master class I share:
1) The three most important keys to finding the best childcare
2) One crucial factor that can hold you back from getting quality childcare
3) The questions you should – and should not – ask potential and current childcare providers
4) An Open House Tour of the private coaching community where quality childcare has been our in-depth focus for the last 3 months
5) A Case Study of one class attendee, Amanda, and her 3-year-old son’s struggles with nap time at daycare

I hope it’s super helpful as your child moves out into the wider world, in daycare, preschool, or school!

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And thank you so much for listening!

Temper Tantrums and Potty Training:

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