Actual, real happy families with returning champion Audrey Monke today, plus new “Parenting News” segment! Podcast episode 273

A conversation with Audrey Monke is always welcome, even more so when she’s written a book that can fix so many of the worries we confront on a daily basis. Which this one totally is!
If you’re worried about:
 – How to keep your kids close while giving them their independence
 – If they’ll ever make friends, and what might happen to them if they don’t
 – How in heck they will develop the skills necessary to make it in this world
You are going to LOVE our conversation!

Also: included in this episode is the first installment of Parenting News, a segment highlighting one news item that seems worthy of your attention.
Today’s is all about young boys and Fortnite, and if you should be concerned about video-game addiction.
Got some news that you want me to bring up in a future Parenting News? Click here and let me know!

Go to for:

  • A cheat sheet of ideas from our conversation
  • Links, including a special one to Audrey’s book, Happy Campers
  • The video of the week: “How to help your child make a friend”

And thank you so much for listening!

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