My second-worst day of potty training ever

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What follows is the story of my 2nd-worst day of potty training ever… I’ll get back to that worst day towards the bottom of this newsletter.

Picture our little family, my husband, Ben, myself, and are seven and three-year-old boys, visiting breathtakingly beautiful parts of Oregon: The Cascades, Mount Hood, Trillium Lake.

In one day we got to hike around beautiful waterfalls, play in the snow at the top of Mount Hood, and fish in the pure, clear waters of Trillium Lake.

All with the whole of Ben’s family, which was completely amazing, because they are amazing people.

Until… Our three-year-old, Jay, wet his diaper. Since we had purchased supercheap, bottom-of-the-line diapers, for this visit so far from home, it went clear through his pants and all the way down into his socks.

THAT was while we checked out the Cascade waterfalls.

So far, so good. We had extra diapers and clothes.

But then it happened again, at Mount Hood.

And then AGAIN at Trillium Lake.

We were now 3 hours from “home,” Ben’s brother’s place near Portland, because we had hiked in around the lake, and at least two hours from anyplace that might sell diapers, or socks, or pants to replace the wet ones.

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When to potty train, How to potty train? Podcast Episode 245

When should you start potty training your child?

Don’t you wish your kid looked this happy sitting on a potty?

How should you potty train your child?

I’ve done some research on these two questions, and let me tell you, they are asked really often in Google.

Is this on your mind? Or, are you already trying to potty train, but hitting serious roadblocks?
Then, today’s episode is for you!

In it I share 3 ways to know if your child is ready for potty training, and also 3 tips on how to actually accomplish this feat.

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